Guitar Hero... Axed?

Yeah Activision have decided to can a bunch of their franchises.

And Guitar Hero has gone to gaming heaven.


On the upside: 
No more new plastic instruments every year. 
No playing the same game over and over with different tunes.
No more unrealistic multiplayer achievements (in GH at least).
Rockband is still out there for now.

On the downside:
We never saw Guitar Hero: Pink Floyd, or Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin.

So there you have it...

Not much to miss about guitar hero, and this is coming from someone who has most iterations of it. Warriors of rock, saw great integration of all the previous games, bolstering set list. And will likely still be pulled out for the occasional house party.

In conclusion, Guitar hero... You had a good run, and if I didn't own 6 different versions of you, I would say you would be missed.

Love and Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange,

Richie X.


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