The Big UK Con!

And not "Con" as in Convention, "Con" as in the UK is being fucked over.

I'm Privy to a little information, and it is information that i feel should be more common knowledge. Have you ever wondered why consoles cost so much more over here? Well, its all to do with Tax. The consoles get taxed much more here than in places like Japan and the US. Why is this? Well its all to do with how consoles are classified, to this day consoles are classified as VCRs, and the reason VCR's are taxed so heavily is because of their ability to record television. In this day and age this is archaic, hell even at the time it was stupid! As if your fucking NES could record TV. Stupid, Just Stupid. And you know that the government won't change this, nor will they make it common knowledge because they are getting our money! Think about that when you go out to buy your PS3, don't think that it's just Sony Shafting you Mr Blair is too. That's right a Governmental-Corporate-Double-Penetration-Conspiracy.

I'll get back to you when I work out a way to... um... Take down the government from the inside or something.

Richie Signing out.

P.S. Big shout out to Fiona on Bugs Blog. Happy Birthday.


  1. Motherfuckers.

    As if anyone uses VCRs anymore! You don't have to record british television because you can buy Only Fools and Horses on DVD for £2.50 in HMV. It's still shit though.

    Oh of course, where would I be without "Strictly Come Dancing" or "How Fat is Your Celebrity Lookalike's BuilderSwap Revisted:America" or channel 4's enlightning "Gay Disabled Kid Pole Dancers: The True Story".

    If you want to tax gamers introduce a BO tax. Cunts


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