World of Postcraft Part 1

Hey kids!

Its been a while, but I'm currently working on a wee journalism project of which i hope to fill you all in on in the next few days.

In the mean time i would like to dispell some of the rumours that have been flying about Richie Possibly taking up playing World of Warcarft. I can place all your minds at ease an tell you that i did not sucumb to the temptations of the burning cursade, and i have not started World of Warcarft.

UPDATE: Richie has been playing WoW for ages now. Alas! He is dead to us now. Gone. It's a tragic end to the second greatest videogame blog writing duo of all time. I was invited to his funeral. Here was his eulogy given by me Cunzy1 1 last week.

"Never the most attractive woman, he was good at clicking a mouse button. Well I say good. SOmetimes he would miss it but he would try really really hard. He was never that good at most other games. Except, no. No I just remembered he was pretty shit at that too. But ummm. Yeah. If you have any ideas about what he was good at then post them on the Second Greatest Videogame Blog of All Time In the World, That Guy's A Maniac at So I've got to have dinner now so I'm going AFK. Divide up his loot between you and always cherish Robbie's memory. Thank you."


  1. Anonymous16:37

    Lies, he won't come to bed when told,


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