Sunday, October 18, 2015

I've got a confession to make.

I like my Vita.

Millions don't, hell even Sony Don't. But I have has a shit-ton of fun with it. It's hard to justify Investment in a system that wont be supported, but there is a lot of greatness on that system (if you like 100 hour long RPGS). Straight off the bat you have:

Tales of Hearts

Hyperdimension Neptunia and its may sequels and spin-offs

Akiba sTrip

But Most importantly I am revisiting FFX-2 HD Remake, yeah that's right, not FFX, but FFX-2. Yeah that's right the one with the dresspheres!

For the FFX remake, all Squeenix did was pretty it up a bit. But for FFX-2 they added new Dresspheres! They added a whole new Monster Arena thing, which I have spent far to many hours thoroughly enjoying.

The whole thing is wrapped up in a touch of catharsisism for me the first time I played through FFX-2 I fucking loved it, I mean it's hella girly, however,,, I never hot 100% to unlock the final dressphere (Mascot), I fucking missed it by missing a box from a piss easy mini-game at the start... Anyways! This time round, I have already got my Mascot dressphere!!

I'm sure that Psychologically I have received some kind of closure from like 10 years ago... Does this justify Investment in a Vita?

Love and don't google image Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Richie X

Friday, October 09, 2015


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS
The red squirrel is dying. Nothing can be done. It's cancer. Cancer.
A woman loves a horse. But only because he lives in a castle. Not because of the size of his cock.
A hippo studies cephalopods in space. He's close to a breakthrough.
Sometimes an otter watches me when I sleep in other people's beds. He never says anything
At the school, the animals watch each other go the toilet. They don't find it very interesting.
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. GAME OF THE YEAR 2015.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nintendo have invaded my F2P market...

Almost all of us play mobile games, as a time-waster (or avoiding eye contact) waiting on or in public transport. I tend to have a few on the go at one time, I recently "Finished" the Family guy: quest for stuff game, which is wholeheartedly one of the most shallow city-building/farm building games out there. I have not spent a penny on that, it wouldn't even be satisfying to spend a penny on that either. Another gem I have been plugging away at for the past few months is Evoker which is an oddity you set 5 cards which have different attributes and abilities. You level up cards, through solo play which uses and energy mechanic, or PvP which uses a second energy mechanic. Essentially you can only play for roughly 3-4 mins before you are locked out for about 2 hours (more at higher levels). But that was fun collecting the "team" you wanted to face off your opponent with... etc. BUT Its suffers as a Pay2win title, if you spend money on it you, and I suppose this counts in some small credit to them, get random chance at the overpowered Legendary cards. Fun but very slow.
And of course there is Hearthstone... A brilliant example of what "F2P" should be where you genuinely want to play for the experience. I'm a year in to that one and still enjoying it.

However as many of you know Nintendo have decided to grab the ass of the F2P market and see what kind of a reaction they get. They did so initially with Pokemon shuffle, which we initially spread our legs for, but now... I dont know, it's just not working, we were good together, we had some good times, but something is just missing. So we had to split up, like passing ships in the night.
At least that is what we tell Pokemon Shuffle! The truth is there was another F2P game out there, it was younger more fun, and it did things that Shuffle just wouldn't do: Pokemon Rumble World.

Oh man Rumble World! Its great it's essentially a mini-Diablo clone, where the epic lewts that drop are actual characters that you use. They have rares and randoms, they have a collection system, you can dress your mii up, you can spot-pass, and street-pass folk, You even get legendaries. And it all sparkles and lights up like the glorified gambling game it is.

It has become quite life consuming, my 3DS has replaced my phone as my main tool for time-wasting on the tube, the level of enjoyment from this little title is insane, and has quickly pushed any other handheld games to one side. Anyways it's "Free" go get it. I'm Sure Cunzy has a poem or something he wants to share with you about Pokemon Rumble world...

Love and EUPHEMISMS are meant to be subtle Richie,

Richie X

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition a TGAM Review

Well... Dragon Age. What an immensely huge, I mean really massive game. And honestly I'm 70 hours into it and I think I have barely scratched the surface! It a fantastic way to lose several hundred hours of your life.

The sweetness of this come from pretty much just giving the player what they want... a novel approach. The game merges the greatest things from western RPGs: Such as Skyrim, WoW and of course the previous 2 Dragon age games (with plenty of fan service to those who have played them).

The exploration alone in this game is just fantastic, akin to Skyrim with little hidden quests for those who are willing to take that little extra time to look for them. The difference with this dragon age is the multiple sandbox areas, which are brilliant and feel unique This is what reminded me of WoW*, with all of its varied zones and questing through them with the odd dungeon to enter really hit that home.

And there is all the wonderful other bioware greatness in there. You have the deep character interaction, you have dicking about with skill trees, you have the genuine fear about a character choice, that causes you to look up a dragon age Wiki page just to ensure that it isn't going to case you to offend or worse, lose a character.

If I had to make a complaint about this game, aside from it taking a chunk out of my life, though I assure you I am willingly giving it over, It would be the inventory system. I think after 70 hours I'm starting to get an idea of how it works. It is very overly complicated and pressing the "B" button just seems to fuck everything up. Wonderful gems like:  Are you sure you want to cancel this action: YES, NO , CANCEL. Wait... what the fuck am I pressing? Double negatives man... The loot is pretty shit too. You get tiered lot of common, rare, epic and crafted. And you seen start to stop being excited about looting a box as it wil just contain some entirely un-viable item, which just needs to be sold later.

But yeah other than that, Dragon Age: its fucking awesome. I... I think I L-word it...

Love and several hours in the character creation part, knowing full well: YOU... WILL... BE.... BACK...

Richie X

*You know I feel like I said this several years ago, but a one player WoW would really work, especially in this format. I think questing in those zones, in that kind of dragon age format... It would be amazing, Add and extra interaction layer and you have it n the bag. Maybe one day...

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Family Guy: Well fuck it it was cheap on Steam

So based the greatness of South Park: Stick of Truth I took a punt on the Family Guy Game and fucking frankly I'm glad it was only a couple of quid. It is the curse of the steam sale, you see something that you wouldn't normally buy and you buy it because it's super cheap. Which incidentally is the steam sale ethos, it's £1.99 that they were not actually going to see. But anyways: fuck it have a list.

  • Played through it, it's painfully easy up until the last boss, where it is just cheap.
  • The plot is not even in tone with the show.
  • The audio is simply lifted from the show.
  • The game looks pretty shitty, the 3D does not work!
  • Its a straight up generic 3rd person shooter.
  • Like super generic.
  • I mean why do they have guns?
  • Like proper guns! Not even themes, just guns, shotguns etc.

Anyway it only lasts few hours, fuck it. Try not to buy it, it's really not good.

Love and

Richie X

*I'm not writing one, I feel dirty enough after playing that game.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Every Day We're Pokemon Shuffling

Like everyone else we were reaching for the pitchforks when Pokemon Shuffle was launched, a title published by Nintendo with explicitly freemium bullshit unlike the freemieish Steel Diver: Sub Wars which started life slightly less free to play and then got updated to be slightly more free to play and of course the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online which is a card game so for whatever reason the gaming press give it a pass or don't bother covering it. As lifelong Pokemon players I'd also like to throw in the "physically drag yourself to a GAME store to download a legendary Pokemon" for the Pokemon main series into the same category but only because those experiences have been so harrowing in the past it feels like a cost that transcends money. Our trajectory with this game went like this:
Please won't you buy some jewels to errr shuffle me? Please?
Boo. Hiss. Ninty sellouts!

It's... okay but I'd like to buy it. I doubt I'll stick with it. 

Has it been two and a half hours yet? Has it been two and a half hours yet?



The main gripe was that unlike Steel Diver:Sub Wars there's no way to buy the full game so all you can do is wait for the fairly generous recharge of in game currency, hearts, which replenish every half an hour to a maximum of five or to shell out for in game currencies (jewels buy you hearts and coins AND FUCK OFF IN-GAME CURRENCIES) with real virtual money which the game rather cynically prompts you to do every time you lose and don't have any resources in the bank to carry on. One oversight seems to have been that it's not possible to use play coins, the 3DS currency you earn by walking around with the 3DS hasn't been incorporated. For a while Sub Wars allowed you to use play coins to buy online play time and it would have helped to dampen the initial knee jerk cynicism of this F2P title.
Actually though, it's an alright game. Yeah sure it's a match three game with a Gotta Catch 'Em All twist but the quality is high, Genius Sonority polishing the experience and for those of you who don't get hooked there's little incentive to buy extra credits. But of course, as we all know it's not the well adjusted majority who pay, it's the minority percentage who give in to the one more go cravings.

I'd be interested to see if payment figures are ever released (we doubt it) but according to the news it's been downloaded over a million times at least and anecdotally I've seen a lot of StreetPassers playing it this last week (whether this is just because the game is new or more enduring remains to be seen). I'll also be keeping an eye on whether or not the generous currency recharge will be updated.

In the meantime carry on shuffling and whilst you're at it download IronFall: Invasion. As a leftie it was impossible to play without a circle pad pro and we're too classy to be seen out with that abomination hanging off our 3DS like a malformed conjoined twin.

Friday, February 27, 2015

South Park: Stick of Truth

So again we are reviewing a game that came out ages ago. But man... we just completed this bad boy and its fantastic.

First up is the animation! It's flawless the whole thing plays like watching an episode, all the story events include your character right in there wearing what ever clothes you have given them, outside of that the player moves in familiar areas and it feels exactly like South Park. Extreme Kudos on that.

Gameplay is sweet, the RPG mechanic they put in there is so much fun to play the character attacks are fun, if a bit repetitive, to watch. You level up you gain access to new and funny attacks, you can even ply with perks and customise your character further.

The plot, The game is plot driven and it's so fucking funny, there is so many nods to references throughout the entire 20ish years South Park has been running. It's got the same laugh out loud, shock, cringe, factor as the show, brilliantly done. There are some familiar references and a couple of repeated jokes from the show, but all is forgiven in the context.

So what is shit? there is a couple of let downs the game menu is fucking horrible and unintuitive you constantly open it up, have to scroll through, and when you get to what you want it feels like you are not sure what button to confirm/deselect something, BAD UI. The powers you get all interact with the environment, and frequently just annoy you they are a shoehorned puzzle mechanic which is not that puzzling. "oh look a teleport node, I best teleport than shall I?" Replayability wise, well I have played through, there are a few more collectables to get, but short of getting some achievements, I am not motivated. What bothers me more is that at the start of the game there was four choices of character class, I went the fighter, who quite frankly had boring skills, but I never got to see the other classes in action. And honestly I don't want to play through the plot again to see them, shame.and on that note you cant customize the support characters, They get 3 generic attacks and that's it really.

All in all, If you like South Park, just fucking play this. It's brilliant.

Love and Stinky dildos

Richie X