Diablo Scary

We talk some of the game we have been playing, including Diablo 4, Super Mario Odyssey and One Piece Odyssey

Halloween Special - Dunk4apples Spinechilling

In this episode we get spooky, we chat with an AI to for its creepiest redition of a Halloween poem (with video games in it)

St Ursula's Day

October 21st is St Ursula's Day, nary a day goes by where we dont think about the striking similarities between Saint Ursula and Video Games. Join us while we take you on pilgrimage to discuss the holiest of tenous links, chatting Saint Ursula herself and 11,000 video games.

Double Dragon Scarlet

Season 4 Episode 3 Our theme this season is DS, choosing a subject around games with the letters D and S. This episode is about Double Dragon and Scarlet We chat what we have been playing, Pokemon Scarlet, Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons, Mortal Kombat 1 and Cats hidden in paris, Cats hidden in Italy, Cats hidden in Bali

Duck Super

Season 4 Episode 2 Our theme this season is DS, choosing a subject aorund games with the letters D and S. This episode is about Ducks and Super games We chat duck stuff like, Edd the Duck on the C64, Duck hunt, Pokemon Ducks, Quack shot and Howard the Duck. We define "Super" and chat from the plethora of super games of, Super Micro Maniacs, Super Empire Strikes back, Super Return of the Jedi, Super Pang, Super Turrican, Super Mario Kart

Season 4! Dinosaurs Spiders

We are back with the first episode of our new season, Season 4! This season is DS themed around the letters D and S from the titular Nintendo console. We talk Dinosaurs in video games, including, Tomb Raider, Dino Crisis, Turok and Deathtrap Dungeon games from the Jurassic park Series! We also talk Spiders from games such as Deadly Creatures, Resident evil, Devil May Cry, It Takes Two and Limbo

Resident Evil Crystal Geese Wars Advance

In this weeks "Current" Whataya Playin we chat Nintendo store pickups before it went down, Pokémon Crystal, Resident Evil 4, and Untitled Goose Game. Love and Aural-Hugs, Richie + Farley!