So this arrived in the post today!

Now all I need is a computer that can run it. Stupid PC gaming. Still, in the event of the end of the world I can travel from town to town scrounging tractor batteries to run top of the range PCs and I don't have to worry about finding the game. I'm going to put this game and all my other dinosaur games in a bullet proof CD case and carry them on me at all times just in case the end of the world happens.

On that note, I'm now cheating on That Guy's a Maniac with my new blog Cunzy11'sdinosaursingames blog. I'm going to be the world's leading expert on dinosaurs in games and co-author of the World's Second Greatest Videogame Blog! Just see if I ain't.......

In other, non-dinosaur related news, Chuff_72, long time commentor, member of Catch the Monkeys and other Games B69 and guest writer is on a mission to discover London's greatest game stores.
Here's a sneak preview of his antics on Saturday, tune in to catch the rest sometime this week:

I did it dude, I fully did it, and you know what? It was genuinely a bit depressing! I mean there's a reason we all buy coffee from Starbucks, it's cos it tastes the best and has a greater selection.
Holy shit, I have no idea how they survive! Awesome Games was selling a copy of Gran Tourismo 1 for £25 What The Fuck. I hit Shekhana World of Games, Awesome Games, M R Games, and Tower Games (also two Gamestations and one Game - my feet STILL fuckin hurt!) They were all sooo bad, except one M R Games, which has changed it's name to something I can't remember, which had some Streetfighter figures and a copy of Metroid Pinball (SIIICCCKK).

Anyways, I completely forgot to bring my notes with me, but I've got to write it up from home cos I took pics of all the shops (holy shit, Tower Games was fucked up, it had a load of bongs and blue neon in the window, and three fat greasy fucks at the till - and there were NO GAMES, I think they had some Fifa's). I walked bastard miles and saw some wacky shit, the GStation in Holloway Rd was these two dudes in a glass box, with two racks of games, in a Blockbuster - and I bought a copy Lylat Wars for £3 of some drugged up black woman in a tent (I shit you not). Definitely worth the effort though, you gotta come on the next one.
Catch you later (just remembered I tried to call cos I could have got you Turok 2 (boxed) and Dinomasters Party for £2.50 each).

Where was I that I didn't pick up my phone readers? WHERE THE FUCK WAS I? I could be two more games towards being the World's Leading Expert in Dinosaur games but I blew it. Turok 2 and Dinomasters. Next time gadget, next time......................



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