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Omastar Comics #36

Since all this business, Omastar is too busy for comics work it seems. He's now off trying to break into the West End. He'll be doing adverts for squid rings in six months. DON'T COME CRAWLING BACK HERE BECAUSE WE'RE DONE YOU UNGRATEFUL... 
So here's the new star of Omastar comics, someone who the kids might actually recognise, in a comic that all of two people will get, not that there's really much of a joke here in the first place. As ever, you gotta click to embiginate.

In other gaming news, we're so so bored of the three stories going round and round at the moment. Like the XbOne and PS4 aren't going to land with a splat rather than a parade of dinosaurs with fireworks coming out of them and as if the AAA vs Indie is actually a thing. If you can't make games that will keep you in the business, don't fucking bother. Until the PS2, DS and Wii conks out we're in no rush for 'next gen'. It's unbelievable. God. We're just …


So this arrived in the post today!

Now all I need is a computer that can run it. Stupid PC gaming. Still, in the event of the end of the world I can travel from town to town scrounging tractor batteries to run top of the range PCs and I don't have to worry about finding the game. I'm going to put this game and all my other dinosaur games in a bullet proof CD case and carry them on me at all times just in case the end of the world happens.

On that note, I'm now cheating on That Guy's a Maniac with my new blog Cunzy11'sdinosaursingames blog. I'm going to be the world's leading expert on dinosaurs in games and co-author of the World's Second Greatest Videogame Blog! Just see if I ain't.......

In other, non-dinosaur related news, Chuff_72, long time commentor, member of Catch the Monkeys and other Games B69 and guest writer is on a mission to discover London's greatest game stores.
Here's a sneak preview of his antics on Saturday, tune in to cat…


I've noticed our site has had a massive increase in readers in recent days. Massive. I've also received a lot of complaints regarding the in jokey nature of the site so a bit of back story may be needed for those new readers. In which case, read the archives and come back.

For everyone else (Chuff_72). Why did nobody tell me about this? What kind of readers are you? You're supposed to be the World's Second Best Video Game Blog Readers. Shame on all of you. Watch this
It's perhaps the greatest concept for a game in the world ever and we should all be buying things like this right now. Don't hesitate. We need to support the dinosaur based video games industry. If we had to be the Official Nintendo Magazine we'd say it looks like a cross between Dino Riders, Warcraft II and Grand Theft Auto London. Okay so Gamespot gives it a less than average 6. But look at it! Amazing and it's educational, Boris Johnson, because it has dinosaurs, vikings and ninjas.