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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to download a wallpaper. FREE. That is right totally free. This is just one of the gifts from the team here at TGAM to our readers who have stuck with us for nearly three whole years.

How to get your free TGAM Wallpaper. See the image below? Just click on it. You will be taken to another window with a big version of the image so you may wish to write these instructions down on a piece of paper so you can follow them when you are in another window. You then need to right click on the image (Use the B button if you are on a Mac) and click on save as desktop. Or is it use as desktop? Something about a desktop. Then, MAGIC! YOU NOW HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE WALLPAPER. You can also save it as a JPEG and use it on other computers. Or on your Wii even.

The image was created* by one Tatsuo Kayagumi, lead dolly on Resident Evil 2 (GC version). For blind readers it is a picture showing the legendary Omastar, star of Omastar Comics, as a giant peering over a mountain. He can see a meadow.

We are actually quite annoyed by the picture. We asked for one with the Nemesis dressed up as Jill Valentine. But we got Omastar. Omastar the prick. Did you know he has his own twitter page? And that page has more followers than TGAM has readers? Annoying.

*Image could not be uploaded at this time for reasons only known to blogger.


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