Gaming Achievements You Wish You Had: Richie Remix

Following on from Doppelgangers post.

I have my own set of achievement wish lists.

#1 Final Fantasy VII (PS1): 1000GP
Fucking RIGHT I got 1000 points:
I spent so long on this game, getting some of the harder "achievements"
- 'Everyone' at lvl 99
- Obtained Yuffie and Vincent
- All Ultimate Weapons
- Omni-slash obtained.
- Aeris's final limit break.
- Bred a Gold Chocobo
- Master Summon, Magic and Support Materia's
- Ruby Weapon Defeated
- Emerald Weapon Defeated

#2 Super Mario World (SNES): 1000 GP
Yeah entirely completed, 96 exits located. I know this is isn't the hardest of "achievements" but this one in ingrained in me. I guarantee you I could straight up complete all the way up to 96, with all the tricks timing and secrets safely stored away in that mess of useless grey matter I call a brain. In fact to confirm this myself and Doppelganger went through this again a couple of years back. We straight up played 2 player start to finish in one day all on the glory of a 55" TV. And it truly was glorious, to quote myself, "the Question mark Boxes were as big as your fist!"

On a similar note, I should lump in Super Mario 64 I did get 120 stars, onto this bad boy. Which indeed just makes me wonder if these numbers for 100% completion are not just primitive precursors to the achievement system, and in retrospect I may have been a cheevo-whore even back then.

#3 Diablo II (PC): 650 GP

Only 650 GP?!??! Shit man And this is a 1250GP game (due to the expansion). Despite the horrendous amount of time I pumped into this game, I'll be missing simple ones like; got to level 99, the various Land-mark cheevos for the classes I didn't play as. I certainly didn't collect all the Unique weapons/armour/accessories, ugh dammit. I wonder if D3 has cheevos? oh god...the Completionist genes are firing off, *twitch*

#4 Resident Evil 2 (PS1, Dreamcast, PC, N64, Gamecube): 950 GP
Classic game and originator of this blogs namesake. I did everything I even completed Hunk's scenario! I unlocked Tofu BUT never completed Tofu's scenario. so I'm down 50 Cheevos, I reckon, for that.

#5 SSX Tricky (PS2): 750 GP
We have mentioned our previous obsession with this game, or more specifically one level on Show-off mode. Repeatedly tweeking our routes to get more and more points. However to fully unlock the Uber board and Cotumes we did have to complete all possible combinations of tricks, and come first all levels for Racing and Show-off modes. But we only really did it for Marty, Kaori, and Zoe. Most of the other characters went unloved. As we had to spend all of our waking hours (SSX Tricky playtime) playing Garibaldi to get epic scores.

That's It for now there are a few more on my list that I would like to mention, but due to them being hazily in the past I doubt I could even begin to calculate my Gamer Score For. So just a little shout out to a few of the games I would like to have on my list: Flimbo's Quest (C64), CJ's Elephant Antics (C64), Creatures 1&2 (C64), Bart vs The Space Mutants (NES), Syndicate (Amiga), The Settlers (Amiga), Cannon Fodder (Amiga), Super Mario Allstars (SNES), Killer Instinct (SNES), Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES), Pilotwings 64 (N64), Goldeneye (N64), Resident Evil 1&3 (PS1), Tekken 2 (PS1), FFVIII (PS1), Soul Blade (PS1), Gran Tourismo (PS1), Bushido blade (PS1), Twisted Metal World Tour (PS1), Resident Evil: Code Veronica (DC, PS2)Resident Evil 4 (PS2, GC, Wii), Silent Hill 2, 3, 4 (PS2), *YAWN* All of the Dragonball Games (PS2), FFX (PS2), FFX-2 (PS2), Kingdom Hearts 1&2 (PS2) StarCraft (PC), Warcraft 3 (PC).

Love and Hugs as big as your fist.

Richie X


  1. Super Mario World. I know that achievement very well. Flying under the posts. there was one summer in 1993, when I played nothing but that game. I found the little part, where you could get 9,999,999,999 points.

    (If you never did, you find the place where there are three caterpillars. Get either a blue Yoshi and a shell or a Yoshi and a blue shell. Jump on all three caterpillars, fly away to reset the angry caterpillars and rinse and repeat. To make sure that you had enough time and didn't swallow the shell, I learned that you could fly high, spit the shell out and then catch it in your mouth, mid flight. If you still have it, give it a try)


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