Omastar Comics #28

Omastar is away this week:

Does anyone read the alt text anymore. For those who do here is some special Omastar Comics behind the scenes gubbins. The Omastar in this comic is not the regular omastar. It is MIRROR OMASTAR. Omastar's arch-nemesis
It has happened. The rot set in. The series sold out. Omastar comics will never be the same again. In order to get the #8793rd most popular webcomic on the web to go back to its roots and ditch this new style then sign the petition here.

To be honest Omastar, in your absence, the ratings were up, readers loved the new style and to be frankly even more honest than before fictionalised cephalopod molluscs just don't sell copy anymore. You're done and I'll see to it you never work in this town again. Again.

In other news:

No gaming news. Nothing. Nada. Go outside you rapscallions.
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