"Namco vs Capcom" vs "Capcom vs Namco"

Holy shit bubbles!

Rumours are circling the internet that there will be a Namco vs Capcom game AND a Capcom vs Namco game!
Word of mouth is that Namco bandai will produce “Namco vs Capcom” using their Tekken 6 engine. And Capcom will produce “Capcom vs Namco” using the Streetfighter IV engine!
Bad ass, if it were true, it all seems a pipe dream... to good to be true.

But Fuck it... on to the wish list.

Capcom is easy, we all know the Marvel vs Capcom series line up on the Capcom side, that’s fine. we love it. But Namco? Now that’s a toughie, their strongest mascots are probably the Tekken/Soul Calibur group... but whom else?

Not very likely methinks, a round yellow ball with a mouth... not the most complex button mapping to do...

Mr Driller:
Little guy in a pink suit that Drills underground, It’s doable, would like to see Megaman Vs Mr Driller.

“Tales of” Series:
Now admittedly I am pretty gay for Tales of Vesperia, I never played the other ones as they are on completely different system, and were not always UK releases. but yeah I’d dig seeing some of the Vesperia Troops.

*Frantically looks up wikipedia to research any other Namco games*

Never played these games, but apparently has a cult following, so expect to see him.

I’m sure we can get the Prince in, possibly a few of the cousins as “Pallete Swaps”

Dead to Rights:
One man and his Dog.

Time Crisis:
Honestly I don’t know if these games even have recurring characters... but sure Fighting game with some guns, not like it hasn't been done before.

Love vs Hugs and Hugs vs Love,

Richie X


  1. Ganyru vs E Honda

    Battle of the fat-asses


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