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It has been a while since we checked the Nintendo Channel to give you, the armchair hardcore gamer who 'hasn't plugged the Wii in for months', the low down on what is essentially Nintendo TV. We (well I) am a big fan of this service and I'm keen to get more of you to use it and I'm keen for Nintendo to contiue to support it.

  • Nintendo TV episodes put together by the Official Nintendo Magazine continues with three new installments.
  • Episode 3 highlights the best of Wiiware and DSiware (Lost Winds, World of Goo, Bit Trip, PicoPict, Earthworm Jim). A lot of people on the ONM forums were complaining that this episode was a bit unneccessary but having seen first hand how; a) few Wii owners have ever explored the Nintendo Shop let alone understand what Wiiware is and b) hard to navigate the stores are if you don't know very specifically what you are looking for, I'd say that this particular episode was well in order. It is stil a shame that Wiiware demos are no longer available.
  • Episode 4 is a Nintendo E3 round-up covering the 3DS, Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda, Metroid: Other M, DK, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Wii Party. There's nothing here that wasn't covered elsewhere actually during E3 but we welcome the opportunity to watch through the footage on our massive TV rather than on a tiny blocky PC monitor. Two further E3 trailer round-ups, one for the DS, one for the Wii allows you to get up close with the new footage. In particular, the Donkey Kong by night level looks great as does er Carnival Games 2....
  • Nintendo TV Special Super Mario Galaxy 2 Launch is the last Nintendo TV video, covering the launch event at London's Oxford Street GAME Store showing the freaks who dressed up as Mario and queued overnight to get their hands on the game.
  • Every week on the Nintendo channel is a trailer for a dodgy DS game. This week's candidate is Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper from the trailer this looks like a glorified hidden object game with a smattering of mini games thrown in.
  • Two weeks of Dsiware, VC and Wiiware download trailers undewhelm again with Jett Rocket, Hello Flowerz The Tales of Bearsworth Manor, Uforia:The SAGA, Ball Fighter, Maestro Green Groove, Puffins:Let's Fish, Prehistorik Man, 24/7 Solitaire and Extreme Hangman. With the exception of Maestro and Art Style I wonder how many of these will actually get reviewed?
  • Jam with the Band continues to get hyped with a trailer. Jam with the Band also continues to look completely incomprehensible to anyone without a degree in sound engineering.
  • Date or Ditch the 'absorbing date simulation simulator' looks absolutely brilliant as a free download. As a full game you're expected to buy? We say, nay.
  • The Warioware DIY vids continue with Ron Carmel (from 2D Boy) who makes a game called 'Suck Goo'. It's not the hardest micro game in the world but as ever, it is available for download now!
  • Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 looks to be shaping up nicely with all the characters and locales you would expect and certainly, to my mind, I have higher expectations than for Lego Batman or Lego Indy.
  • I'm a huge fan of the Rabbids, I know not everybody is, but the Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Announcement Trailer shows the usual attention to detail and humour that has seen the Rabbids upsurp Rayman in recent years.
  • Lastly this week is the trailer for A Shadow's Tale. Since it's announcement and teaser a while back a number of similar looking games have appeared. It still looks as beautiful as ever but already some of the novelty of the concept has worn off. Let's hope it is out sooner rather than later.

  • And here ends this week's round-up. Whilst you are on the channels, make sure to check in with Everybody Votes, the Mii Channel and the MK channel.


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