Classic+ the fantasies

Following on from my conspiratorial rambling I also have a few desires of wants for what Classic+ may be:

For those of you who don't know the concept of Classic+ is that, contrary to moving into TBC or perhaps in parallel there would be additional work done to Classic WoW to enhance change up or rejig the Classic experience. Part of the reason that this or something similar is likely to happen is that by the end of the year the final raid will be out, and it is a toughie, but will likely get trounced withing a few weeks, after that point what happens next? In private servers there was the concept of "fresh" where you start again from scratch. But what is the benefit of blizz just opening new servers as is again? Who know regardless I have some thoughts on what I would like to see in new Classic+ Content

Add Raids:
This is something I have floated in my head for a while, there are many raids which are set on the classic continents such as Karazhan, Uldamann, Grim Batol etc and I think adding these and populating them with classic styles and npcs.
Part of my quandary with this is what role these dungeons can perform and what loot can be distributed to make sense. For instance, just making these available as dungeons after Naxx would assume that they would be harder, however this then starts the chain of another Tier of Godlike gear above the gear we already have. Perhaps however there is other rewards that can be offered to the player beyond the new armor, such as recipes for professions to help people fill their crafting gaps, craftable items such as flasks or blacksmiths items for other raids,  the items could drop "raw" as a means of farming them rather than having to rely on crafting which can get expensive. Additionally just adding an amassing of items for a new item (like the legendaries) in each raid, could make this fun.

Crazy Tiers Itemization:
On a sub note to adding items post raiding or at lvl 60 rather than add a tier of yet more elevated "stats" why not mess with the Tier set bonuses! Make a tier sets which can speak to the gaps which are evident in endgame, make a tier set which gives paladin tanks more viability with a taunt, or a set that boosts feral DPS. Even go off piste and make a set for priest discipline tanks, or warrior support healers. Something which doesn't necessarily have to be game-breaking but just plays with the current gaps or mechanics we already have.

Change classes:
In the case of "fresh" I always thought It would be fun to limit a server to certain classes, for instance create a Paladin only server, or Warriors and Priests only. Giving players access to to all phases right away to and start the grind to get these classes to world firsts

Add classes:
The easiest bit of fun here would be to allow faction specific classes to be available, e.g allow Dwarf Shamans, and Tauren Paladins. It would be fun to see how classic content can be changed to add these classes to the 40 Man content.
But also, and though this may need a bit of work, add in the Death knights or such tuned down to lvl 60.

Heroic modes:
Its kinda been done in other expansions, but at lvl 60 it might be nice to see the dungeons get tuned upwards, play a lvl 60 Scarlet monastery with some of the loot tuned up. Additionally just offering a harder version of the raids we already have. Molten Core gets criticized as the version we have is somewhat nerfed as it is from the end of vanillas lifecycle. A higher difficulty version would be broadly welcomed.

A slightly raised Level Cap:
The bosses can get to 63, perhaps there is a massive grind to gain an ever so slightly elevated level cap which perhaps doesn't raise stats but only removes some need for hit or adds expertise or spell hit, and maybe give a nice Gold elite frame?

Love and Ret DPS Tier Plx,

Richie X


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