Restoring the Capcom to the blog.

Some sad Capcom fanboys are looking for suggestions for the next Capcom vs XXXX title. In order to restore some Capcomness to this blog here are our top 5 suggestions:

1) Capcom vs the pool of baby lotion
2) The real Capcom vs the Capcom characters from fan fictions.
3) Capcom vs the giant purple cheese with a vagina in RE2
4) Capcom vs Blazing Squad
5) Capcom vs Kayne West LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Also, here's a hint to all the asswipes leaving comments on the Capcom Unity blog, if you make a suggestion and have to put (funny) after it it probably isn't funny (bitterness).

Image of Tree Spirit Sakuya from Okami confirming that she does indeed have a Buttless dress from this dirty perve clacier over at Deviant Art.


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