Breaking Timesplitters 2 Noise

This is breaking news. This news occurs nowehere else on google. It is regarding a weird noise you get when you die playing through Story Mode on Timesplitters 2.

Here's how to access the noise. Start playing through story mode on Timesplitters 2. Die and then the restart/quit screen comes up with a big floaty blue thing in the background with some loud music.

Just put the pad down and listen to the music. It trails off and then you get some scary noises. Then right right right at the end after the scary noises a woman's voice asks "Is that too much?".

In the interest of full disclosure here is the email I have sent to LEGEND Graeme Norgate for info:

Hi Graeme

Huge huge fan! Huge. I became aware of your work through Timesplitters and restrospectively found out you did the music on Killer Instinct too! What a legend. We used to listen to Killer Cuts all the time until the CD wore out.

Anyway fandom aside I was playing through Timesplitters 2 again last week (Siberian Dam if you must know (on hard as well)) and I died. I went away to make myself a cup of tea and when I came back the you died screen was making scary noises and then a woman says "Is that too loud" or maybe "Is that too much?".

I had noticed the scary noises before but never listened to it all the way through to the end. My question is what is that noise and who is the woman?

I'm your biggest fan CZY1 1

Until Big G emails back, you can try to find the noise yourself!


  1. Dr Wo23:17

    He must have had involvement in the Astro Lander music, that stuff is shovelling coals!

    And the KI music! Guys of the hook!


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