TGAM The Epic That Guy's Pokémon Clash 2009. The Results

Ever since we announced it we've had genuine emails requesting updates. So without further ado, here is how it went down. In true sporting fashion the fight went down at 11am in the morning and neither combatant had showered yet:

Richie: The short version is that I won, Dragonite trounced the first few Pokemon after Dragon Dancing, followed by Garchomp and Gyrados, I threw Salamence in there at one point as a sacrifice just to show off my Dragon collection. Annoyingly Dunsparce never made an appearance in the main match.

Cunzy1 1: The slightly longer version goes like this. Richie lead with Dragonite and I lead with Crobat. Richie had Ev'd most of his guys in speed which, I will admit came as a total surprise to me, so it is a testament to both Crobat and Aerodactyl that they even got a hit in. Crobat opened the battle with a super fast confuse ray which was negated by Dragonite's Lum Berry which although was annoying it would be useful for when Dragonite got confused from no doubt using outrage. Dragonite then powered up with Dragon Dance and took out Crobat, Charizard and Swampert with Outrage annoyingly ignoring confusion from Outrage three turns in a row! Dragonite eventually went down to Aerodactyl. Salamence was switched in and in a form Salamence was to keep throughout the day did nothing and was quickly taken down with a Rockslide or two. Then Aerodactyl went down to Garchomp. I was then forced to bring out Bastiodon who I had no real confidence in. Fortunately, he managed to actually be not too bad with Metal Burst and eventually took out Garchomp. A then badly injured Bastiodon went down to Gyarados. Kabutops swapping in animation probably took longer than his actual stint on the field, swiftly disappearing to Gyarados. Fortunately I was spared Dunsparce and Flygon although it might have played out differently had Richie attempted to go for the humiliation kill at the last minute. The final result was 6 Pokemon to Richie and 3 Pokemon to me which is okay considering........

Post Match Thoughts
Cunzy1 1: I wasn't at all dismayed. I was disappointed. Disappointed by Richie. When we decided on the rules for the match it turns out that I had then gone about training a bunch of Pokemon that might make it a bit interesting It turns out that Richie had gone and chosen the top non legendary Pokemon for the easy win. He did bad. For those of you who can't make heads or tails of Pokemon it is like choosing to play as Brazil against England in FIFA. Sure, you can do it but it is a bit cockish. He knows it too because shortly after the match he received a text message from a friend asking whether or not I was bothered about the "Dragon thing". Having a back up Dunsparce was a way of easing Richie's conscience. Fortunately, I fared better in the mixed and double battles otherwise I would be so frickin bitter right now. Instead I'm just regular ol bitter.

Richie: We played around with mixed matches, double battles which I was not so good at. Though on one of the Mixed battles (where you can take one of your opponents Pokemon onto your team) I managed to show the fearsome power that is Dunsparce, by completely shutting down my own Gyrados, taken by Cunzy. All in all I'm happy to have my dragon team levelled up, they are amongst one of the hardest to train up. Next time* I think I will try and get Kingdra in there as my Sp.Att coverage was lacking a bit. Other than that hats off to Cunzy for his team, I never expected them (Thanks for nothing Rob_is_Gay), I am now genuinely afraid of Swamperts.

*oh yes, I said "next time"!

Love and Hugs,

(Winner) Richie and (Bitter) Cunzy


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