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A guide to making Pokémon more Boring

Dear God Richie, where have you been?  - Yeah it's been ages since I posted but I can definitely say that a "significant percentage of my time has been spent on SoSing" What is SoSing?, you ask fervently, surely something capable of taking up a "significant percentage of your time" must be amazing? Well in in short, it is the means by where to find certain types of Pokémon and capture them with higher stats, or if you are luckier find them in a different colour (shiny). Since completing Sun/Moon I jumped straight into this, forget actual end game stuff like battle tree, I want to catch me some shinys! I accidentally started SoSing happening upon a magicarp, and thinking to myself, why not, everyone else has a cheaty "free" Red Gyrados I'll aim to get  this one done for realsies, with a gold magicarp and all: Job done! All it took was setting up a "chain" where by you set up the circumstances where by a Pokémon will call a fri

Goodbye Hoenn

And so the sun rises, and the moon sets on a new pokemon challenge. And we bid farewell to the ORAS generation of games. Fittingly we at TGAM decided the best way to celebrate this was with a Pokemon Battle. Using only Gen 3 Pokemon. Here is the annoyingly lengthy, boring and  low quality vids. and: Shockingly this actually only counts as our first foray into videos on the TGAM site... well whatevs.. We were bloggers, not vloggers. Love and Mimikyu Richie X

649 Mother Fuckers!

We're a bit Pokémon upped a bit recently. It's our go to game and if we're playing it, it probably means there isn't much else out there at the moment and AMEN AIN'T THAT THE GODDAM TRUTH.      Two days a man called GARRETT gave me the greatest gift a person can give to another. He gave me a level 44 Tornadus. Fine, you might say. That's done on street corners the world over. Well. You'd be wrong fucker because this Tornadus was the 649th Pokémon for my pokedex. This is huge news. I finally 100% legit CAUGHT THEM ALL. They said it couldn't be done . But it is. What's that, you calling me an Internet liar? I ain't one of them Reddit sun bitches go tellin' lies of this magnitude just to sound cool. Here's the proof that couldn't have been replicated of falsified in any other way because them photos are in COLOUR.   It's been a trial and for the longest time it was darn near impossible to catch them all because those h

An Omastar Is For Life

Meet Omastar, the (Oma) star of Omastar Comics and of twitter fame . You could say Omastar is my favourite Pokémon but you'd be wrong. My favourite Pokémon is Dactylocer, MY Omastar. let me explain. One of the wonderful and often overlooked features of the Pokémon series of games, including the main series of games and some of the spin offs, has been the ability to transfer Pokémon not just from one game to the next but most importantly from one generation to the next. This feature goes as far back as Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire . Pokémon were transferable from one game to the other in the Green, Blue, Red and Yellow games and these games were compatible with the Nintendo 64 Pokémon Stadium , and Pokémon Stadium 2 but sadly the Pokémon caught in these games couldn't be transferred beyond that. Since 2002's Ruby and Sapphire games it's been possible to transfer pocket monsters from one game to another up until the latest generation Pokémon Black Version 2

My Pokemon Ranch- The B Roll

Recently, we were commissioned to review the impossibly cute Wiiware, My Pokemon Ranch. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity but we ended up with a couple of gigs worth of extra images that we sadly couldn't use so here's the b-roll. This is the official longest serving Pokemon, my starter on Sapphire. That was [Checks wikipedia and sighs] 'a number' of years ago now. This guy saw service in Sapphire, Fire Red, Colosseum and extensive duties in Diamond. Also saw action and one of the few mon not to perform abysmally in the Epic Clash . Needless to say he's earned the break on the farm. Yes, it is actually he of comic fame . Let's not pay too much attention it goes to his head. A shiny Crobat. I wonder why this image wasn't used? I played ten hours of Pokemon Channel and I all I got was this lousy Jirachi. Also, an early contender for the gayest screenshot of the year? I played 30 hours of Pokemon Colosseum and all I got was this lousy Ho-oh? The Ar

New That Guys 'Girlfriend' Identified

See here the lovely Lisa Courtney officially has the World's Largest Collection of Pokemon Memorabilia and we are seething with jealousy so bad right now. We thought we were contenders for it but Lisa's collection dwarfs the TGAM meagre collection of: Copies of Pokemon Red, 2 x Blue, Yellow, SIlver, Gold, Ruby Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, TCG, Ranger, Link, Stadium, Stadium 2, Colosseum, Ruby & Sapphire Box, Channel, XD, Snap and Mystery Dungeon Time. A Psyduck Plushie. Seven or so key rings of Pikachu. An Eevee that senses motion and says Veeeeeeeeeee (batteries not working). A copy of Pikachu's Global Adventure. Legal copies of the first film on DVD and VHS, two copies of the second film and one of the fourth film. A bunch of rubbish stuff from that awful day Loads more other stuff that we are way too embarrassed to go into. Very little of it is official Nintendo merchandise mind. Some of it is totally home made too. So, in resurrecting a feature we did four

TGAM The Epic That Guy's Pokémon Clash 2009. The Results

Ever since we announced it we've had genuine emails requesting updates. So without further ado, here is how it went down. In true sporting fashion the fight went down at 11am in the morning and neither combatant had showered yet: Richie: The short version is that I won, Dragonite trounced the first few Pokemon after Dragon Dancing, followed by Garchomp and Gyrados, I threw Salamence in there at one point as a sacrifice just to show off my Dragon collection. Annoyingly Dunsparce never made an appearance in the main match. Cunzy1 1: The slightly longer version goes like this. Richie lead with Dragonite and I lead with Crobat. Richie had Ev'd most of his guys in speed which, I will admit came as a total surprise to me, so it is a testament to both Crobat and Aerodactyl that they even got a hit in. Crobat opened the battle with a super fast confuse ray which was negated by Dragonite's Lum Berry which although was annoying it would be useful for when Dragonite got confu

Team: 1 1

When we signed up to finally battle each other it was with some trepidation. It was of course the natural destination for both of us playing these games side by side for so many years. I guess it takes you that long to get familiar with the game but it's only now that it seems right to battle against each other. God knows how it is going to pan out but little did Richie know that I started battling him before we were even in the same country! Psychological warfare. It is my strength in life and multiplayer games. I'm rarely the best at any game but I can get a slight edge with a bit of psychological battering. In this instance I had a head start. Months before we were due to meet up I had been hounding Richie in a dirty war. Underhand tactics to be sure. One aspect of all successful games that I despise and hate is the 'community'. Any community tends to charge themselves with sucking all the fun out of the game. Super Smash Brothers community is one such who arti

Team: Richie

Team Richie Garchomp - Dragon/Ground - Earthquake - Dragon Claw - Fire Fang - Crunch EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Choice band/Metronome Dragonite - Dragon/Flying - Dragon Dance - Outrage - Thunder Punch - Fire Punch EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Lum Berry Salamence - Dragon/Flying - Draco Meteor - Flamethrower - Toxic - Roost EVs: 212 HP / 44 S.Att / 252 S.Def Sassy Leftovers Metagross - Steel/Psychic - Meteor Mash - Earthquake - Rest - Sleep talk EVs: 252 HP/ 100 Def / 158 S.Def Sassy Leftovers/Shell bell Gyrados - Water/Flying - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Ice Fang - Stone Edge EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Life Orb Magmortar - Fire - Flamethrower - Thunderbolt - Confuse ray - Fire Blast EVs: 252 S.Att/ 252 S.Def/ 4 Speed Modest Choice Scarf/Specs Togekiss - Normal/Flying - Thunder wave - Air Slash - Aura sphere - Metronome EVs: 252 HP/ 4 S.Att/ 252 S.Def Calm Leftovers/Shell bell Flygon - Ground/Dragon - Earth

If I told you to hum the Route 209 would you get it right?

Here at TGAM it is well documented that we are fans of the Pokémon series of games. Massive fans. Huge. There are literally not enough words in this sentence to even scratch the surface of the thousands of words , hundreds of articles , thoughts , webcomics, fan fiction, sillyness, nerd rages and forum comments that we've made in the past about Nintendo's Marmite monster catching game (actually there are. There are enough words. Too many if truth be told). But what we never explained is that for the last 13 years we've been playing the game that revolves around trading and fighting Pokémon with opponents in a total vacuum. We've spent days worth of hours training up Pokémon that have never been tested against a single real live opponent. So not only is the whole activity all a bit sad, geeky, weird, embarrassing in social situations, something we should have grown out of/never got into in the first place, not meant for us, a grind, a w