My Pokemon Ranch- The B Roll

Recently, we were commissioned to review the impossibly cute Wiiware, My Pokemon Ranch. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity but we ended up with a couple of gigs worth of extra images that we sadly couldn't use so here's the b-roll.
This is the official longest serving Pokemon, my starter on Sapphire. That was [Checks wikipedia and sighs] 'a number' of years ago now. This guy saw service in Sapphire, Fire Red, Colosseum and extensive duties in Diamond. Also saw action and one of the few mon not to perform abysmally in the Epic Clash . Needless to say he's earned the break on the farm.
Yes, it is actually he of comic fame. Let's not pay too much attention it goes to his head.A shiny Crobat.I wonder why this image wasn't used?I played ten hours of Pokemon Channel and I all I got was this lousy Jirachi. Also, an early contender for the gayest screenshot of the year?I played 30 hours of Pokemon Colosseum and all I got was this lousy Ho-oh?The Arceus obtained from the recent event. That was almost as traumatic as the Mew event. Speaking of which...Very literally nearly died for this Mew way back in 2007. Our inner pedant is screaming SCALE ISSUES but that's not in the spirit of this update.Words literally cribbed from the review proper: "For example which other interactive screen saver lets you create pokemon shaped Art Attacks from the very pokemon you yourself have collected over the years?". We are nothing if not completely objective and impartial.Those who are imagining this whole contrived post is just so we can 'show you our pokeymans [is that the meme yeah?] consider yourself well vindicated.To the reader who made it this far. We are nearly done.One more and then we must dash.DASH- geddit? We must DASH because the above screenshot shows the pokemon from the early Nintendo DS game, Pokemon Dash, dashing. So when we said we must dash we were secretly referencing the above image whilst also ending the post.


  1. rob_is_gay14:21

    The game is inherently crap, there is no way bulbasaur would win that race.


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