A picture says a thousand words

So here's 2130 words on the PS3. Merely a small slice of the moronic bleating everyone has had to put up with from PlayStation fanboys and hacks looking to make easy copy. Hopefully now blinkered addlepates will concede that there is no Sony wild card. This is their trump. They all played out. Goodnight!

I'd say hardcore?

Shit Just Got Casual. The future is the PlayStation 3.This is not a video game machine, this is not a games game machine. The console is more into what I would call the toy market, because most of the Wii games I've enjoyed felt more like toys than like games. The PS3 is doing the same for games as the PS3: pushing the graphical envelope, but it’s also added a multimedia element to proceedings by coming with a Blu-ray player. We're not tailoring it to the hardcore or the casual, this is just a strictly better interface for the kind of games that we want to makeAt a recent interactive entertainment conference, Tal Kerret, Oberon Media chairman, pushed the issue that the PS3 is currently not really for casual gamers.

The internet we love how fast you move


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