Wii Are Online

Finally. Finally, we got the Wii online this weekend. Why the long wait? Well it's a combination of one part refusing to give in to having the internet in the house, two parts getting the internet requires phoning people and organising things and twenty parts I have problems with other people in online spaces.

This last one is fairly debilitating much like my Valvitis but I get the shakes and some serious anxiety when I game online with other people. It is super exhilarating but also very nerve wracking.

Anyway these issues were conquered. The internet was switched on and here's what I did next:
I think I am the only person who loves the Wii channelsDownloaded all the Wii channels from't Nintendo Shop. Having done this laborious task at least four times for friends who had no idea the Wii could even be "online" I was happy to do it for someone who might actually use the channels more than once in a lifetime. I appreciate that the news and weather channels might not be up everyone's street but there is nothing finer in life than sitting in your pants eating cornflakes and checking out the weather on Christmas Island on the telly. The Nintendo Shop has ballooned since I last had a rifle through it and I spent a good couple of hours absorbing everything on the Nintendo Channel and adding all my favourites to ummm my favourites before checking out all the interesting stats for the games. The kinds of games that people voted as casual over hardcore was particularly interesting (I also spent some time scrutinizing the household gaming records. One game is up to 350 hours and another is up to 200 hours. The shame!). Everybody Votes and the Mii Contest Channel are right up my street. The I-player means that we might never watch real TV ever again. A fervent dislike of mysticism combined with an unwillingness to submit my personal details meant that the only channel I didn't stick with was the Today and Tomorrow Channel.
In my one weekend of experience 100% of Mexicans CheatNext I played a shit load of Mario Kart Wii. I love the idea of the competitions and put in some pretty feeble times on the latest one, I then made myself feel a whole lot better by beating a bunch of ghost data in time trial races and I acquired 1000 race points racing online. Mario Kart Online is the kind of game I can tolerate playing online without passing out from that weird anxiety disorder. I don't want to speak to any of them, I don't want to hear from anyone else and I don't want to have to zealously subscribe to the community ettiquette or face torrents of abuse. So MKWii lets me measure my performance against the dip stick of the "community" without actual interacting with it. It was a great deal of fun although the occassional cheating (from Mexican players on two separate occasions??) did slightly mar the experience.
Don't. Just don't.Yes this got downloaded. All I'll say on the matter (in this post at least) is that I can understand why it was rated 4/10 by everyone and their dog but for us it hits the spot as well as providing a much needed vent from all the little bastards kicking around on Sapphire, Fire Red, Xd, Colloseum and Diamond. In the meantime I. Can't. Stop. Watching. It.With some spare Wii Points, we hit the Shop. The G/F vetoed Swords and Soldiers so Lit was downloaded. It is indeed ace.

Now all we need to do is find some 'friends' to get the last furniture from Animal Crossing, start beating people to unlock Morrigan and Ken on We Love Golf and to get much better at Super Smash Brothers Brawl again. This all needs to happen before April 23rd.
Dang y'all.


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