Diablo III, Blue balls extreme

Diablo 3 wizard. Apparently looks like Russel Brand.

I'm fed-up with dribs and drabs of Diablo 3 news! Early on last year there was a playable version of the game and evry few months they bring out concept art (Not actual in-game gfx) of characters. At this rate its gonna take years to release. Ok fair enough they are working on Starcraft 2, and WoW: Cataclysm Milking the cash cow. But all these little teases are not good for my health. And plus, at the back of the gaming communities head, we all know they might just pull a Starcraft: Ghost on us. And before we know it, it's just not been released. 

Dear Blizzard,

Do us a favour, please stop dangling the preverbial carrot, in the form of hypothetical character art, precious time is being wasted while you do this. We will all buy your game, just make sure it is out quickly! Think about it, there are people dying every day, and the chances that Diablo/Diablo 2 fans are dying getting higher and higher, given there age and demographic. Each second you delay this game, you are preventing it from being played by those true to your original cause. We know you now answer to Activision and we know WoW is your favorite project, but c'mon just c'mooooooooon.

Love and Wirt's leg.

Richie X


  1. Couldn't agree more! If it was up to me then Diablo 3 would come before both Starcraft 2 and that other game they make, I think far more people are anticipating it. :D


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