Cheevo Whores Unite

Windows Phone 7 series Xbox Live integration

Is this the future of handheld gaming?
I hope not.
I might be being shortsighted here but I really think there needs to be separate real estate for controls for any meaningful gaming. (Tap Tap Revenge isn't meaningful)
With Web browsing and scrolling through contacts, touch makes sense, you touch it once then view, with a game (short of a Guitarhero style rhythm game) you need to be able to view the screen and react quickly without smudging it up with your fat fingers.

Bring back snake I say!

However given the Xbox Live integration with achievements, there will no doubt be endless subpar titles purchased and played solely for boosting their penis compensating GamerScore.

However, with that said if they make Diablo 2 on this sucker, with cheevos, I'm in!!



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