Call of Duty 2 Modern 2 Warfare 2- Review

When it comes to Call of Duty, there are two types of people: People who've stuck with the series through all of the newer games, and people who haven't played a game since the original Windows version. The former have seen the series' gameplay tweaked to near-perfection since its original, less-than-balanced state (but have seen some truly odd new weapon designs), whereas the latter dig their heels in and steadfastly refuse to recognize that any Call of Duty exist beyond the original (or, in some cases, Call of Duty 3 before the Modern Warfares).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2- a sequel to Call of Duty 4- is a game designed to bring these two people together. As far as this goal is concerned, they're a remarkable success.

It feels odd to really review a Call of Duty game these days, because the core of the series remains essentially unchanged from the days of the original. As an army man in a world filled with foreigners from Eastern parts, you're given a new weapon from a man with a moustache and sent out in the world to have an adventure and to try and to shoot them all. You'll need to use your guns to kill others and build up your team, you'll enter eight elemental-themed levels, earn bigger weapons by defeating their leaders, and finally make your way to challenge the most powerful terrorists in all of the land.

If that sounds familiar to you, it should. The basic gameplay of Call of Duty is the same as it's always been. Essentially, they're runny shooty games.... YOU GET THE IDEA ALREADY. We're not picking on the Escapists particularly but fuck me are there a lot of identical reviews out there.


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  2. But I love identical reviews. The knowledge of said homogeneous-shite saves me from bothering to get my hopes for the day when a golden review-egg might appear amidst the sea of putrid sith-form shit.

    In related news:

  3. I just love the non facts touted as facts. Or the facts about "people" to mean "internet people of our forum".


    Did you notice that, with irony, I am linking you further reading on "The wisdom of crowds" embedded within WIKIPEDIA.

    We're all so fucked.

  5. And to further make my point, I intentionally sent you to the wrong url.


  6. Aw, It's very sweet of you, but wikipedia hates us. Like if there was a wikipedia page dedicated to sites that wikipedia hates we would have a ==That Guy's== section all to ourselves

  7. Mr. Grim21:50

    I really liked that bit about the elemental themed levels and bigger guns through defeating bosses. :) Don't get me wrong, I've played and enjoyed every Call of Duty game so far, but they'd be so much better if you had to knock the Taliban Spider on it's back and shoot it in the eye with an arrow a few times and upgrade your hearts !@

  8. Mr. Grim21:54

    The biggest problem with the Call of Duty games is the stunning lack of intelligence of the majority of their online community. I play on Xbox Live (Gamertag: TF2P Mr Grim) and usually have to mute my headset 9/10 games due to A) dumb fucks, B) 12 year old dumb fucks, C) 10 year old dumb fucks, or D) 20 year old dumber fucks who are quite obviously suburban white boys with rich parents who talk like they're "gangstas".


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