Poke-fever grips the UK

Its the countdown now! only a few more days till Heart Gold and Soul Silver get released. We are all sitting twiddling or thumbs in anticipation of the next addition to the series. Well, some of us, personally at Thatguys, we are frantically EVing a set of 4 pokemon to take us though the game (the other 2 slots will be filled with HM whores). Of course we cant actually tell each other the pokemon we are EVing, as well there is a good chance the ones we are leveling may be for our NEXT POKEMON TOURNAMENT! After last year's event (where I thrashed Cunzy!) we decided for our next tournament we would choose from one of the 17 types (though we vetoed Dragon, as I already had all of them). Harnessing the power of a random number generator, we were both assigned a type. We have to train and level 6 pokemon of the same type (though dual types are allowed i.e. a fire team would also be allowed fire/rock pokemon) and the same rules from before still count, no ubers, evasion clause etc. And until then we just dance around each other not telling each other whet we have.

Though I digress, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are out on on Friday, and of course all the poke-maniacs are snapping it up without question. It's an odd one, it is the next iteration, though technically a remake of the Gold/Silver games from years ago. Of course now updated with all 493 pokemon, the new mechanics, and a couple of balancing issues (sorted from Diamond and Pearl). 

On yet another digression the folks over at bulbapedia published a quite interesting article entitled "HeartGold and SoulSilver- a return to form or a lazy rehash?".

It bring up some points as to whether these versions are "required" being that it is an updated re-release, and especially since Generation V has been announced and due in around a year. However different iterations aside, I personally have fond memories of playing though G/S, and in the time since it was released a whole new generation of Poke-players has arisen... who. have. not. played. it. Couple that with the Game series' motto "Gotta Catch 'em All" which technically isn't possible with the current gen at the moment, it was inevitable. And there is plenty of new stuff, new mechanics new moves for pokemon, new breeding methods, meaning anyone who is into "endgame" will HAVE to get this version! And of course the pokewalker, hardly revolutionary, but guaranteed FUN!

Bottom line! It's more pokemon and YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!

Lugia and Ho-oh

Richie X


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