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We Dare Pulled at the 11th hour.

We dare, is a risqué party game akin to "Truth or Dare" but without the truth part, essentially a collection of suggestive minigames: (I actually find this pic quite hypnotic) (She puts the wii mote in her *ahem* waistband, then he spanks her) Despite the ad campaign which is a bunch of attractive bored swingers this game has been slated by the Tabloids the Sun states:  A RAUNCHY Nintendo Wii game for kids as young as 12 Well, firstly , its also available for the PS3, and frankly the Move controller has much nicer rounder edges for insertion and whatnot and secondly the rating on it is 12+ it does not mean that it is the target demographic. Lastly, why pull the game? why not up the rating? or last why not deal wit hit, its a bit bawdy but, we all know you'd just end up sitting on the sofa flicking your wrist to get through all the mini-games. And frankly any 12 year old interested in this game, is probably already up to much worse than ta


Lightning: We have to stop the Zaffels. A Man Who is Whack: Are you sure? Lightning: .... Whack Man: But I thought you were Pincelplips Lightning: I guess we were all along Whack Man: Quick. Get to Hope. Four inches down a corridor later. Hope: Where is lightning? I always hated it since the Pandforma days. Whack Man: I'd like to submit an edict regarding the use of nouns for names. Lightning: Hope! Did you ride the Vangle Goolies lightning? Hope: Hopefully not Lightning. Lightning: I meant lightning not Lightning. lightning: Zzzzzap. A CHOCOBO CALLED CHOCOBO COMES FROM WHACK MAN'S HAIR Hope: Let's get a slave. Apparently, after twenty hours of this, the game gets 'good'. *Perhaps Square should have waited for the science to have been double checked on this one.

A picture says a thousand words

So here's 2130 words on the PS3. Merely a small slice of the moronic bleating everyone has had to put up with from PlayStation fanboys and hacks looking to make easy copy. Hopefully now blinkered addlepates will concede that there is no Sony wild card. This is their trump. They all played out. Goodnight! Shit Just Got Casual. The future is the PlayStation 3. This is not a video game machine, this is not a games game machine . The console is more into what I would call the toy market, because most of the Wii games I've enjoyed felt more like toys than like games. The PS3 is doing the same for games as the PS3: pushing the graphical envelope, but it’s also added a multimedia element to proceedings by coming with a Blu-ray player. We're not tailoring it to the hardcore or the casual, this is just a strictly better interface for the kind of games that we want to make At a recent interactive entertainment conference, Tal Kerret, Oberon Media chairman, pushed the issue tha

Screenshot of the Year?

And we're done. We would have thought it was going to be a stiff competition but we've got a clear future-proof winner in early March. Outstanding. This is a screenshot/promotional material for a title called Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move. If the rest of the game is like this we can hardly wait. Before the confirmed announcement of PS Move there was a harmonious balance amongst factions of the gaming community. What the Wii lacked in pure power it more than made up for in gameplay and what the Xbox 360 and PS3 had in pure shininess made up for the lack in diversity of genres on offer, the lack of any decent software on the PS3, that whole Sixaxis sham, the constant slimlining and different versions nonsense, the incessant patching, the non starter of face capturing and the one by one release of launch titles which were tired and passe before they even launched four years too late. However, now that Wii Sports and Wii Fit have come to the PlayStation have the scal

In HD no one can see when you've reused assets.

So is this living? Is that what they meant by the Third place? The power of the PlayStation can cure cancer but can't deal with more than three kinds of cowboys? Even Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop had more types of zombies. Oh Jesus Christ. AND it's appear to be either an on-rails shooter or a static shooter? Aren't they supposed to be bad? Holy shit. This game has to be free for it not to be widely condemned.