We Dare Pulled at the 11th hour.

We dare, is a risqué party game akin to "Truth or Dare" but without the truth part, essentially a collection of suggestive minigames:
(I actually find this pic quite hypnotic)
(She puts the wii mote in her *ahem* waistband, then he spanks her)

Despite the ad campaign which is a bunch of attractive bored swingers this game has been slated by the Tabloids the Sun states: 
A RAUNCHY Nintendo Wii game for kids as young as 12
Well, firstly , its also available for the PS3, and frankly the Move controller has much nicer rounder edges for insertion and whatnot and secondly the rating on it is 12+ it does not mean that it is the target demographic.

Lastly, why pull the game? why not up the rating? or last why not deal wit hit, its a bit bawdy but, we all know you'd just end up sitting on the sofa flicking your wrist to get through all the mini-games.

And frankly any 12 year old interested in this game, is probably already up to much worse than tame "dares". Its called parenting people. Deal with it.

Love and Face-nuzzling a wiimote,

Richie X


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