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This statement made us LOL over at Penny Arcade in a post in response to bum-slap-gate or whatever it will be called until something else comes up:

"I shot Gabriel once with a shrink ray, and he used his jetpack to fly out the window like an insect. Fifteen years ago. Still talking about it, about scenarios that to this day no game has managed to top."

It's stuff like this that is gaming gold. I know how that's funny and I wasn't even there, nor do I know either of them that well and I probably played one of the Dukes once. I remember shooting pigs and being worried if anyone saw me watching a 6 x 6 pink pixel with red pixel underwear gyrating around a pole. That is what used to pass for titillation. I can't say that recent gaming has come up with any of those emergent bits that have you giggling so hard your ribs hurt. This maybe because I don't spend half as much time playing games so statistically I can't expect it to happen. It's possibly because our little group of gamers have to book in time to game. Normally up to six months in advance. For a couple of hours.

This is the pig I remember

Resident Evil 5 was probably the last game that created hundreds of these little moments that solicit a little chuckle still. Bausting tens of lickers with cattle prods only, accidentally taking out Jill with a magnum from 50m away, literally hours trying to deflect arrows with a knife and the curse of spade man who would always manage to sneak up on us. I still don't understand why Resi 5 didn't get the praise I think it's worth. This is probably because my experience of it was couch co-op (yes the tiny screen was annoying but after two minutes the problem vanishes) with one of my oldest gaming buddies. I imagine one player must be dreadful and online co-op just prevents all those "Oh jesus christ, did you see that?" moments. Virtually all of the boss battles in Resi 5 were standout and the 'puzzle' bits really emphasized working with your P2 (or P1). If we were lesser writers we'd proclaim that couch co-op gaming was dead. We'd then say something like long live couch co-op gaming. And then we never say couch so why isn't it sofa co-op gaming?


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