3DS features nobody will be using in six months time

The predictions are in. Remember the GBA-GC controller and the four games that used it? Remember the proto street-pass thing in Nintendogs and Dragon Quest and pretty much only in those two games? Wasn't playing your own music in Endless Ocean great? Shame that didn't take off. Here's the tech that will probably be dropped almost instantaneously by gamers and developers on the new 3DS:

Street Pass- Fine for Japan where gamers actually congregate. Virtually useless here.
Backwards compatibility- Expect this to be dropped with the 3DSlite or the equivalent.
Augmented reality Fun the first four or five times and for showing non-gamers how fun the 3DS is. Doubt there will be a sixth time.
3D messaging Remember those three messages you sent via the wii message board? Expect more of the same here.
Video content Ever played music through the wii or even visited the photo channel? Nah thought not.

Call us bitter but c'mon face it. This gimmickery is fine for filling up the 10 page pre-launch hype coverage but actually pretty redundant when it comes to long term use. Come back in six months if you don't believe it


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