I didn't cry until the Streets of Rage 2 End Theme Played

The rise of casual and social 'games' had us feeling a bit chipper. The brownanising, teenarisation and grittisation of all console games only caused a waver in our shit eating grin. Hell, it only took us a cup of tea to get over this new fad for making games shit to play with 3D but the camels back is broken. Sad days indeed UK Resistance has finally closed its doors.

Genuinely funny and in a knowing way UK resistance even in these latter years remained a benchmark for both enjoying gaming and acknowledging the sad sorry state of affairs that gaming is in. Properly funny too, not "Monkey Island" funny (funnier than everything else doesn't necessarily mean funny at all) or Zero Punctuation funny. But it's over now. That's it. Gaming as we know it is dead. We've known it for a while. Modern games try to compensate by giving out achievements for walking down corridors or by showing us tits and gore that twelve year old us would have found fascinating but nothing compares to the sheer joy of running along under a blue sky, collecting rings and freeing animals trapped inside robots. UK resistance closing is the rats leaving the sinking ship.... :(


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