A guide to making Pokémon more Boring

Dear God Richie, where have you been?

 - Yeah it's been ages since I posted but I can definitely say that a "significant percentage of my time has been spent on SoSing"

What is SoSing?, you ask fervently, surely something capable of taking up a "significant percentage of your time" must be amazing?

Well in in short, it is the means by where to find certain types of Pokémon and capture them with higher stats, or if you are luckier find them in a different colour (shiny).

Since completing Sun/Moon I jumped straight into this, forget actual end game stuff like battle tree, I want to catch me some shinys! I accidentally started SoSing happening upon a magicarp, and thinking to myself, why not, everyone else has a cheaty "free" Red Gyrados I'll aim to get  this one done for realsies, with a gold magicarp and all:

Job done! All it took was setting up a "chain" where by you set up the circumstances where by a Pokémon will call a friend to it's aid, and you just sit there repeatedly killing off its mates until you find your favourable pokémon. To catch this golden magicarp took roughly two days, and I killed off around 120 magicarps for it too.

So my next "project" was Project: Muk, a new forme found in Alola and possible trhe most "proud" pokémon there is:

This one took a lot longer, after a false start where I learned hard the pitfalls of losing focus (falling asleep) when SoSing and just straight out killing the main dude before he call a buddy, ending a 200ish long chain, I then started it up again and got it after another 100ish chain. Boring and rubbish, but I ended up with a viable and pretty pokemon.

So where next! I want my Shiny Dragonite!  off i toddled with my fishing rod, repeatedly fishing for a Dratini, which as normal stands at a 1 in 100 chance of appearing, however I found that if you go to a special fishing spot you can reduce this to a 1 in 10 chance, but you have to run out and in of the nearby area...

After 150 dragonites I got this guy:

Which just was not good for me, the nature "Lax" just did not inspire me so back to the pond, fishing rod and little walks back and forth to "Special pools" and after a whopping 450 dragonites it got this guy:

Again just not good enough, the stats were all in the wrong places, so 3rd time lucky...

another 980 dragonites later! nearly 1600 dragonites killed i get this little guy! I'm reasonably happy with him.

SoSing is soul breaking you spend so long getting to know the moves of the level ranges of all the 'mons that come from them, and it all becomes its own little (terrible) meta-game. Everyone loves a shiny, but guys, I swear after I got out of that last chain of dragonites, I felt elated and free. I had forgotten about the rest of the game I flew to random towns, harvested some berries, generally felt like I had resurfaced back into normal society again, after a prolonged stint with my captors, the Dragonites.  It's really dull, it is the least interesting thing to do in pokémon... But, but, but SHINIES!

Yeah I realise that the pictures are terrible, but could be worse we could just be ripping them from Kotaku, like we used to do in the old days.

Love and for realsies, red Gyrados's

Richie X


  1. Oh man, did nobody tell you about the Shiny Charm?


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