The PC Guys are all a bit bitter about Gameswipe

Perhaps it is because they couldn't get it off steam? Or maybe because they had to actually watch TV and they haven't done that for ages.

Rock Paper Shotgun summed the show up pretty well.

Richard Cobbett continues to look like David Mitchell.

But if there is anything the men, who have mostly had marginal success writing for dying magazines and a niche following on the old blogosphere (RICH, SO RICH COMING FROM US), have said that makes sense is that the show felt very cobbled together because it was trying to do justice to the whole of gaming kind in a single show. And for an audience wider than the gamer gamers (see pie chart, the red slice). It could easily be a 420 part series but then who would watch it? Gamers think they know it all. The average TV watcher probably doesn't give a shit.

Then again the same demographic expressing dissapointment at Gameswipe are the same people who regularly bemoan TV for being totally shit. So you can't have it both ways. Although I imagine that in most gamer gamer's minds some success on the idiot box might mean that games get more credibility as a genuine thing and not as some idiotic waste time for people who can't get a boyfriend. Funny that we still crave that stamp of approval from traditional mass media.


  1. I object in the strongest possible way to your libelous slur, sir.

    I watched it on iPlayer. "TV?" Pah.

  2. You aren't supposed to come here!

    That isn't how it works!

    Do you want me to... Fine fine...


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