Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast - Goku Balls Naked Super Street Con IV

Its become a yearly tradition for me now, each Autumn (That's "Fall" for the more verbally inept of you, or "the bit just after summer") I get excited about the next Dragon ball game. Well... Last year not so much, Dragon ball Z: Burst limit (360) was a bit of a let down being less of a direct sequel to Tenkaichi 3 and more of it's own entity.

But this year! Oooh boy Dragon ball Z: Raging Blast is due out.

Currently it is set for a European release on November 10th 2009, but as with all the release dates I'm taking this one with a pinch of salt and I'll say December 11th 2009, and I'll let future Richie take the responsibility and keep you updated on that one.

So what's good about this one?

Well It's more of a direct sequel it features the copious amounts of characters from the previous games though a full list has not been confirmed it has been stated that there will be over 70 characters, each with alternative outfits (Fingers X-ed for Bad-man shirt Vegeta). And they are even throwing in some in some unique characters so far they have announced Super Saiyan 3 Broly (Gibberish to those of you who don't know, but just trust me, its pretty cool). Now for the more astute of you you will notice that 70 characters is actually less than than Tenkaichi 3, but this is because they are not including and of Dragon ball GT (set after Dragon ball Z), though I think I smell DLC on the horizon... At least I hope so, SS4 Gojita (more gibberish, deal) was awesome in Tenkaichi 3. Oh and this one is on the 360 and PS3 so spanky graphics all round.

Expect more on this as I trawl through the messageboards, and i mean trawl!! Seriously all those boards descend in to which character is stronger than the other, "On Topic" means nothing to these guys.

In their words:

Strength arguments >>>>> On topic

Love and Dragonballs

Super Saiyan Richie


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