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This post is one of those 'interesting' insights into our lives posts. Ignore it if you are just looking for that Sheva nude cheat or for more of our ultimate top 50 greatest games of all time posts. It ain't here.

Recently we went on holiday for a bit. This meant that there were thousands of bits and pieces of stuff to read on our feed reader. There's no way to read it all now. We're way too busy so here's a little insight to how we rationalised it:

Deleted everything from the Escapist. The only reason the Escapist is on there at all is for Zero Punctuation. And that comes out every Wednesday. And we know that. Should really get round to unsubscribing.

Deleted everything from Capcom Entertainment. Which was a total of 1 post. Why do official developers and publishers websites suck balls so hard?

Deleted Omastar Twitter feeds. Self explanatory really. Although, Omastar currently has 200 more followers than TGAM does :(

Deleted everything from Penny Arcade. It stopped being 'a must read' about two years ago. And that's just the comics.

Scrolled through everything from Kotaku in a minute. The skill is spotting the bits in between the bitslag ('opinion' posts, non news, press releases, otaku soft porn, anything that the mail order wife man says, anything anyone called Brian says, anything that was copied from another good website, all of those Kotaku community shits posts etc. etc.). It turns out there was one article worth reading. And that was only for the pretty pictures.

Read all three posts from UK:R. But to be honest it's just not etc. etc.

Read the title and author of the Terra Nova post. One day there will be something read-worthy that doesn't read like your Dad* wrote it.

Deleted everything from EDGE magazine. Because what isn't in the magazine is of significantly worse quality.

Spent a moment wondering why Richard Cobbett, Amber Night, Dr Hamhock, Beppin Legacy, Field Marshall Bennett, James by Pentadact or Nondrone P. Carrikter don't update as much as I want them to. Came up with an equation for the relationship between quality of writing and frequency of posting. It is an inverse relationship if anyone had any doubts.

Skimmed Dinosaur Comics. Ryan North still has not apologised for etc.* etc.

Read the Sunday paperses from Rock Paper Shotgun. Frankly, the rest is filler.

Caught up with Richie's Xbox blog. Which is like gamer spying, hexic HD Richie?

Caught up with my own Xbox blog. Just in case someone uses my profile*. Which they didn't.

Deleted everything from Videolamer. Because I write the only decent stuff anyway.

Read everything from QBlog. Which is by far the most interesting blog out of the whole lot, excluding Harvind1 blog and this one. The consistency of entertainment and frequency of posts is astonishingly high. I may start to stalk Bartle in the hope of some his skillz rubbing off on me.

Wow, you must think. How does he find the time to grace TGAM with posts in his hectic, jam packed Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle. I do it for you all out of love*

*I would say your Mum but she has her mouth full at the moment.


  1. pisspants16:20

    agreed. boo for holidays.

    592 unread messages from io9?



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