Oh dear!

We here at That Guy's have been working on a project to compile a big list of all the games we have to see how many of them we have completed awarding half a point for completing the game on normal settings and another half point for completing secondary objectives like unlockables, multiplayer skins, medals, 100% etc.

There are over 150 games so far, and growing, but at the moment there are only a handful of games with the completed whole 1 point so morally these are the games we can rant about because we've played them through.

Now, here's the Science/Sad (as if this project wasn't sad enough already) part, these are the games...

Call of Duty 2, Colony Wars Red Sun, Def Jam Fight for NY, Fahrenheit, Grand Theft Auto III, ICO, Jurassic Park Warpath, Lego Star Wars, Mario 64, NHL 2001, Nightmare Creatures, Pokemon Colosseum, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Timesplitters 2 and Tomb Raider 2.

There are some pretty big ones missing from that list and a lot of pretty easy ones on that list.

So from now on no more slagging of games unless they are on this list. K?


  1. P.S

    It took four years to do the NHL2001 full season and Stanley Cup

    Battlefront has the worst ever unlockable artwork

    I completely did Colony Wars Red Sun in a day. I have witnesses! But then Randy McSporran stood on it and scratched the disc so there is no sound anymore

    Games I am dreading trying Commandos 2, Alien Resurrection, Wipeout 3, IK+

  2. Anonymous16:53

    eh what about the Final Fantasy's, espiecially VIII are you really going to get all the cards?

    Mario 3 was down at some point, once I think with getting all the P-wings, did you have a NES Cunzy or was it Allstars on the SNES? I can't remember.

    Dammit I still need 4 more perfect cyrstals on Crash 2, my Vice City file corrupted (my first and best one!) so thats screwed, Gran Turismo 3 needs the endurance races done like thats going to happen ever, Ozma needs killing in FF9, oh and kingdom hearts, fuck it i'm off to play Frogger.

  3. It was on the NES.
    I've recommended you for completing FFIX, once getting Lvl 100, all ultimate weapons, (except excalibur) and cards etc. and once getting Excalibur but not everything else.

    "Rebecca can you do it?"

  4. Anonymous17:49

    I think i'm on about lvl 90 and I have all the skills and stuff, done all the chocographs and treasure and weapons even tin armour for matlock and shit the only baaaad thing is Ozma is actually almost impossible and the cards, oh the cards.

    Yeah and getting Excalibur 2 from Hades, ha ha ha!

    But I'll give it a go

  5. Anonymous17:32

    wipeout3? 100% golded everything (including phantom) aaaaages ago....

  6. Anonymous12:17

    Do you want a prize

    /gives chunkysalsa moon on a stick


    /pats on back *hugs*

  7. Do I detect Wipeout 3 envy?

  8. Anonymous12:46

    NO! Go on do Wipeout Fusion then Mr Wipeout! Thats getting gold on the zone levels too! God always playing your favourite levels, ChunkyWip3out!

  9. Anonymous20:34

    zone? ha ha ha haaaaa! ha haaaaa! ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! haaaaa! ahah hah a!!!

    /shoots sick out of nose with laughter



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