Penny Arcade is perhaps the most ridiculous web comic on the internet. The site is broken and the strips are lame. Their humour can be described at best as Canadian (see Something Awful for Canadian-o-rama). Also they clearly have copied this site. Putting a penny arcade cartoon on your site has become the new sticking two moist fingers into your anus.

Girls (attractive and British) cannot and do not play games. It is a lie made up by guys who pretend they are girls online so that they can cyber for gold/gil/bells.

WoW sucks. The only way to progress through this game is to spend a lot of time on this game, sure, this is true of all other games with the exception that other games are challenging. I bet there are more people at LvL60 on WoW than haave completed Super Mario Brothers 3. Because SMB3 involves things like jumping and not hanging around a hub. All the people who play RPGs are fat ugly goths or ex-goths anyway.

Anime, and anime games, are stupid. Drawing a shit cartoon with a shittier storyline than Final Fantasy VIII (which was, let's face it very shit) results in tonnes of "lonely" fake goths wailing about how their favourite epsiode (which isn't even released yet anywhere) was deeper than the storyline in the English Patient.

Counterstrike in all its versions is the second worst game of all time. Second to ICO.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus should be banned becuase since their releases (OMG Ico was like the best gaame that never sold!) new media hippies haave stopped buying copies of the Piano to wank over.

With the exception of 2 blogs all other blogs are dissinteresting and actively boring. No-one cares about your shitty SF story about a man who lives in San Franscicsocsio and has a magic penis, or creative commons for that fact Boing Boing. Isn't it time you grew up and stopped playing MUDs? Terra Nova I'm looking at you. You need to get laid much more Hellbound Angels.

To be continued......


  1. Anonymous21:34

    OK, I knew there was a reason I didn't read blogs (present company excepted). Quote from hellbound angels:

    "I picked up reading two new blogs recently: Kill Ten Rats and The Cesspit. On Thursday, I read Kill Ten Rats’ post ‘WTB Community‘, wherein Oz talks about the player communities he once enjoyed in EQ and pontificates about what it would take to return to that moment. Then, yesterday, I read Abalieno’s post ‘Too scared to move steps‘, wherein he responds to a post by Lum at Broken Toys whether or not devs should be allowed to talk to customers entitled ‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Blue‘. Reading Lum’s post, I found that it was a response to a post by George Aeropause entitled ‘Stardock vs. Blizzard: Online Community Strategy‘, which is a response to the original post by Oz that I read on Thursday."

    It's like setting out on a grand adventure only to find you've accidentally wandered into your own areshole. Do people really spend there time writing this stuff?

    Hmm, it wouldn't be that difficult to write a blogbot that just spiders links from blog to blog, then writes posts referencing what it's visited, chucking in a few amusingly arranged buzzowrds, memes and the odd mindless insult now and then. Wonder how many people would spot the difference?

  2. Cunzy, Do you even like games? at all?


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