Stadium D.O.N.

As promised here is the review for Stadium DON!
The game is essentially Super Smash Bros with Shonen Jump Characters, and it works really well, the novelty of the crossover doesn’t seem to wear off. The only downside to this game is that the game is an import and therefore mostly in Japanese as such a few of the “Missions” before certain fight are unreadable and as such results in a “Mission Failed!” at the end of the matches… Damn.
If you have any clue as to who these characters are:

Then buy it!
9.6/10 - Fucking awesome
It loses 0.4% due to it being in Japanese.
Here’s some bonus Vids:


  1. Anonymous01:10

    So this Dragonball game is slightly different to the other 15 Dragonball games, all sounds pretty wnak. The only franchises that can get away with releasing more than 5 sequels are;

    1) Streetfighter because the allure of Chun-ers legs and Cammy's outfit always pulls us in.

    2) Dynasty Warriors because Lu Bu is in it and everyone at KOEI are too scared not to keep giving him a game (ITS ALL REAL TO ME!).

    3) Resi Evil because we hope for the return of Barry (where's Barry?)

    4) Dead or Alive (I just can't get enough of animated bouncing boobies on young(ish) scantily clad Jap girls who have less and less clothing as you progress, oh and a slideshow that you can ZOOM IN ON!)

    The next Dragonball Boudanki Super G 3 Beta Theta Sprong Edition therfore should have a four player option with Lu Bu, Chun-Li avec OG spinning bird kick, all the female characters from DOA with costumes and Barry, oh and a slideshow showing characters in compromising positions espiecially Lu Bu and Barry and if it doesn't I for one will not be purchasing it! That will show them, ha ha ha!

    There are loads of other franchises out there that have had sequels squeezed out like a difficult turd
    name them and maybe you will get a prize or maybe.

  2. Oh look Its mister I-have-no-right-to-comment!

    3 Dragonball Budokai games.
    1 Dragonball Tenkaichi games.
    1 Super Dragonball game.

    5 Dragonball games.. not 15

    The is DON game doesn’t count its a cross over game...

    And apologies if I am being a little defensive, but defending Dragonball is a horrible task to try and do when people have not seen it. Suffice it to say the game is actually better if you understand the series. I think its in the same sort of level as Cunzys post above: He must defend his ADAD Games.

  3. I hate to do this because, well just because:

    Dragon Ball z:Budokai Tenkaichi
    Dragon BAll Z: Sagas
    Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai
    Dragon Ball GT: Transformation
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
    Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu
    Dragon Ball Z: The legend of Goku II
    Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2

    That's 11, 12 including DON and I've probably missed out some
    /suck my balls

  4. I meant ones that count... i.e. good ones, It is a game based on a TV series and we all know that these are notoriously bad. and yeah there has been some evil and crappy games:

    i.e. all SNES versions

    Dragon Ball Z: Sagas [PS2 US only, dire]
    Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai [PSP vesion of Tenkaichi]
    Dragon Ball GT: Transformation [PS1 dire]
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors [GBA, quite good]
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 [DS, No idea]
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 [PS2 Awesome!]
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 [PS2 Is ok, fucks up the story a bit]
    Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu [never heard of this one, apparently shite]
    Dragon Ball Z: The legend of Goku II [GBA, awesome little RPG]
    Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2 [not released yet]

    Dragon Ball z:Budokai Tenkaichi [PS" This one is Awesome! almost deserves a post of it own...]

  5. Anonymous10:41

    The use of exaggeration is to compound the point of an arguement, its a common literary device used to reinforce views expressed therein.

    I like the new style of reviewing Rich, Gay Cocker would be proud.

  6. Rubbish DBZ games are the new Army Men games

  7. How many have you played?

  8. Army MEn Sarge's War, Army Men RTS, Army Men, Army Men World War Land Sea Air, Army Men E-X plus alph gold: aniversary edition II turbo reloaaded, Army Men Wvatstkoduken, Army Men Sentai Budokake Mendendenderoka, Army Men Sentai Budokake Mendendenderoka: Bukayhsa and Army Men: Undressed

  9. Anonymous12:15

    Army Men the Guantanemo Years

  10. Army Men: Men of the Men Men


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