Guitar PISH, more like

I have had this "game" for well over a month now and well, despite what ANYONE says, this means you Gamer Blogs. The game is PISH*. The songs are repetitive, in theory it is just really fast space invaders with an incredibly awkward controller, and the unlockables suck. Reasons to hate guitar hero:

1) The controller makes you look Stupid, no adult holding a Fisher-Price Guitar can look dignified.
2) If you play it too long you get “guitar hero eye” where everything distorts due to looking intensely at the moving fret board.
3) The crowd goes “BOO”, and that bugs the shit out of me.
4) Anything above hard mode demands a definite lifestyle choice, where all you ever do is play guitar hero, practicing every fucking hammer-on and pull-off (hehe, pull-off).
5) Girls are better at it than me.

P.S. Guitar hero doesn’t suck It’s a great game (Do me Harder Red Octane! HARDER! cum in my armpit) , I and just suck really bad it.

*Pish - Scottish vernacular for rubbish/crap, derivative of piss.


  1. Don't you actually play guitar?

  2. I commented on a previous blog about the old tonge and penis guitar hero playing, this is possible, though maintiaing an erection can prove arduous through those epic solos on hard mode+.

    Which brings me to another point if you are a guy and you have not gotten a hard-on whist "nailing" a solo perfecly on GH, then you ARE NOT A REAL MAN! FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU HAVE NO ROCK N ROLL BLOOD IN YOUR BODY AND THEREFORE A WASTE TO HUMANITY!

    P.S. Girls! Is it the same for you? to you get that funny trembly feeling in your legs and have to rush to the toilet to clean up? Input please, call it market research. You'll get extra points for drawing out the story in a sensuous manner including as many details as possible, bonus points for sending in post GH discarges. The winner gets an oppertunity to suck me off whist I "Nail" the GH version of Iron man, and keep perfect rhythm with the song, ending in the perfect climax.

  3. Yeah I do, A common misconseption for those who have not played Guitar and/or Guitar Hero, is that the two bear similarities. They are both very different however i do beleive that GH may help improve rhythm in playing the guitar.

  4. I often find a bit of DS-Stylus Urethra insertion helps.

    Not for GH. Just helps.

  5. Also make sure you send the vaginal discharge in a clear plastic bag to:

    That Guys a Maniac
    Why'd He Bite Me?
    Where's Barry
    R109 C4

    Bonus bonus points if it arrives still warm. Also don't worry about sucking Richie off (Preemo Man, if you know what I mean?)

  6. The song barely lasts 6 mins! trust me I'll working just as hard to cum as the skanky (legal?) geek who wins this will be at not-gagging on the stench of...

    actually i'm gonna stop there.

  7. Anonymous12:14

    Me and the GH don't mix I think I have spazzylittlefingeritis where my fingers don't do what my brain thinks its telling them to do, its also the reason why I'm not a hit with the women.


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