Chuff_72 Speaks!

WoW two guest writers in one week. Chuff and I were discussing the next lot of games to come out. I was lamenting that out of all of them I honestly only fancy bout two of them. CHuff_72 then posted this back. Which seemed to raise some very good points:

"I don't know, I think I'm a little more excited than you about some of the new stuff coming out, my tastes change all the time and I think I'm becoming less demanding in the face of the reality that nothing will ever be as good as you hope it will, the sheer possibilites that the power of the new consoles will have on the games I love already is quite exciting. I love sequals, seriously I just don't understand why people moan about them all the time, I can't wait for the new Conflict game, or Dynasty, or TimeSplitters, what will those games look like? To be honest I don't mind if they're shinier but more, I like the way all those games play, if I want something more progressive then I'll but Mass Effect or something.

Anyways, on ps2; Okami looks cool (but will I actually buy it/play it?), God of War 2 (holy shit I can't think of anymore, maybe you're right!)
Gcube; Baton Kaitos 2 (will I ever actually buy it/play it if I do buy it?)
PSP; Syphon filter, Capcom Classics (shut up! I don't know why but I just really want to play Strider/1942/Super G&Gs on the train), LocoRoco (urghh I feel dirty now I said that)

Also for me now, it's less about getting the new pretty game, and more about finding time to get the older pretty games that I missed because I was still playing the previous pretty games. Also I am really considering getting a 360 at xmas, rumours are there's a big price drop in the works (how pissed off would you be if you spent £300 on a new console and only had about 8 new games for an entire year! Almost a pissed of as someone who bought a new console for £180 and only had about 8 games for the entire year, DAMN YOU SONY, support your damn formats!). Mass Effect, Too Human, BioShock, Oblivion, they look good to me, and interesting too, a dangerous combination!"

Whatcha think?


  1. Like, total Homophobe. When will gentle Richie be back?

  2. Anonymous14:10

    You're a homophobe, homophobe.

  3. How can you say that homophobe? Is it because you are a homophobe.

    Sooo immature

  4. Chuff! Its cool every so often we get the same ideas, I reckon it would be like if you were in prison, after a few years you may end up eyeing-up the guys. But hold out, there is light at the the end of the tunnel (I fresh moist vagina light), go retro mad for the time being, soon there will be a reason for playing games.

    P.S. Did you know that Okami is only one letter away from Okama, which is japanese for Transexual?

  5. Anonymous15:30

    Ah Okama, isn't that derived fron the original Cantonese Cun'z Yii? Meaning 'to change ones sex'. Yes, yes I think it is.

  6. Anonymous15:31

    Oops lost a bit...

  7. I'm actually thinking about buying the Jaws game. It's kind of like a dinosaur, elasmobranchs have been around longer than the dinosaurs so that kind of justifies it no?


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