Whose axe were you grinding?

Whilst digging through bumph for the Big List I found this image. Ahh! The Sims. Here are some of my favourite images from the street I used to have.

If I were to name some of the images like episodes of Friends, I would call them:
The one where everyone burned up because there were no exits or furniture only fireworks machines.
The other one where everyone burned up because there were no exits or furniture just fireworks machines.
The one with the baby.
The one when social services took the baby away.
The one with the sad clown (HATE that sad clown).
The one with death.
The one where death takes Mary Jr.
The one where the neighbour soiled the leopard skin in the toilet.
The one with the zombies.
The one where the neighbour was caught red handed.
The other one with the fire.
The one where the firefighters turned up a smidgen too late.

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  1. Remember that time we downloaded the skin for the little girl from the exorsist, then created a house of like 20 of them. We killed all of them in a variety of different ways. I dont think i was able to play the sims again after that.

  2. Anonymous12:00

    I love the way that all the comments are between yourselves

  3. Well, of course we delete the ones from CNN, BBC and Wired News prickless.

    BTW. The picture under the burger thought bubble is an avatar of Richie. He is wearing a kilt and used to live with Randy McSporran until well... you can see what happened.

  4. Anonymous12:42

    Well its because we're friends, if your friends don't comment on your blog its a bit shitty really by all means invite more peps along this just saves money on texting/phonecalls/faxes/carrier pigeons/paper aeroplanes/telegrams/ young virgins and the sort.

    I never really had fun with the Sims apart from Sim City on the SNES, but then I did the money cheat filled the map up and let loose with all the disasters, can't get enough of seeing a big Bowser slowly destroying my Residential district.

    On a lighter note someone traded in Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy for the NES yesterday, funniest thing was the front displayed "90% from TOTAL magazine!" (an old, old, old computer mag that I think I was the only subscriber to because after I stopped subscribing it dissappeared) but here is the trivia, one of the writers/editors was a guy called Steve 'old fart' Jarret (something like that) now he left after about 3 years to start a new magazine called (feel the tension..................) EDGE magazine which is still going today as we all know, so the next time you get asked "where did EDGE magazine originate?" You will know.

    BTW TOTAL! was great, they had one part (TOTAL Tea-Time) where they would come round your house and bring a SNES round and you could play Mario World on your own TV and they had a walktrough bit ( I lost a bit for Zelda on the GB AWESOME GAME!) and was indie too so not all mario games got 9/10, once Dr Mario got 6/10! OMG I want all the backissues, EBAY!

  5. BTW number 3. If you type to text help number into a calculator and turn it upside down, it says BOOBIES.


  6. Anonymous14:41

    Remembering now, not "old fart", it was actually "baldy git" sorry Steve.

  7. Yeah I wish I had taken some screenshots


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