That Guy’s a Maniac Award… July

This month the “That Guy’s a Maniac…” Award goes to:

“Brice Mellen”

Right Straight up, he's blind! This kid (17) has been kicking ass at fighters and killing the non-sight impared gamers. Now apparently he does it all through listening... Quite a feat. However I really fucking like his attitude, He freaks out people by facing away from the screen, Brilliant!

What I like the most is that he is gonna train for Video Games Design. As much as i am a fan of pretty games, most of the titles nowadays are beautiful yet souless, hopefully this guy will breathe some fresh air into game mechanics, if you get what i mean.

Good luck in Design Brice, and Congrats you are a Maniac


  1. I'd unplug his controller then see who would win


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