Destroy the techno union chips!

We love lists still. Today, what qualifies as something like the sixth list today:

Excuses people use for playing games other than to fill up recharge times between masturbation:

1) To improve hand-eye co-ordination (Presumably for imporved masturbation)
2) To find true love (= Porn you can touch i.e Masturbation vessel)
3) To learn a different language, although I am suspicious of such claims I have learnt Chargement, Caricamento, Ladt, Laden and Cargando and Falso Crash (thanks Crash Team Racing)
4) To socialise with family online (To cyber your sister/brother and not get charged)
5) To experience things you couldn't in real life (ok)
6) To experience being another gender (To self-gay masturbate over your very own night elf doing a sexy dance)
7) To have fun (ok)

Also as everyone and their dog has "discovered" Girls play games, therefore, girls play games during recharge times between masturbation, therefore all Girl gamers masturbate. Now they don't even have to pause the game! Yay technology.

Also: Why you shouldn’t blog unless you have testes.


  1. Anonymous16:26

    HA HA HA! The link on true love, reading about his "magnificent meat", oh dear I may have prolapsed my rectal cavity, WoW sucks, I would hate to have to be associated with dunmbasses like that being in my guild or whatever! I know its just a single person in a world of gilmillions but he makes up for retardness on his own! HA HA HA! Man there should be a permanent link to his journal titled
    "Satrywld from old men to young boys, for all your cyber needs"
    Some of that stuff is pure fried gold.

    /Clears up own excrement

  2. Girls wank solitarily. What a exquisite, nihilistic punk attitude.

    That said, I'm really glad you accidentally guided me to your blog. Now, by reading you, I have a further chance to feel intelligent and sterile, and God knows if I need that!

  3. We all need a pick me up every now and then

  4. Anonymous16:28

    Funny shit dudes. Some people have no sense of humor:

  5. Why thank you kind sir/madame

  6. Anonymous20:45

    Anonymous (1), I enjoy crude humour, and even chauvinistic humour. This post was not humourous at all, it was borind and dumb. Bo Selecta! is funny. The Cosby's are funny. You are not.

    I do find it odd however that I care enough to post about it, considering 99% of the internet is borind dumb people saying borind dumb things. What is so special about this borind dumb post that made it so attractive to a borind dumb person like myself?

  7. Anonymous00:10

    wow reaching out to the masses. Maybe the film is an actual possibility, none of you guys/girls(?) are directors are you? Or have a camcorder license?

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