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We here at That Guy’s are like a family. A weird family, I grant you, but a family nonetheless. There’s nothing I like more than writing stuff that they’ll comment on or even find entertaining counter-culture to the "YAY" games blogs that SATURATE the internet. 95% of them are utter drivel and not worth the time it takes to click a link to get there. What times we have had. The time that Chuff_72 chose the "no" option on the age verification screen on Thrill Kill. The time that Dr Wo 69 woke up from a catatonic stupor to answer the question "What is the administrative centre for Derbyshire?" On Who wants to be a millionaire? and then promptly fell back to sleep (the answer is Matlock btw). The times that Quadbee would beat us on Rally Cross even when he had the worst car. The time that Monfuche threw the pad on the floor and ran in to the bathroom because Silent Hill was too scary, didn’t even pause the game, her fear was that great. We don’t write it for a global audience, We write as if we are writing for a global audience because that’s what other bloggers do, even when their comments boxes remain emptier than a nun's "lily". It’s more of a comical device than anything else.
Nevertheless, indeed, alas my friends!, our family household has been judged and found to be lacking in the eyes of Hellbound Angel, Astarte.

Let me fill you in. Of the blogs that I peruse at my leisure Hellbound Angels is one that I like to drop by every now and then. And I used to read Utopian Hell before that. The blog is well written and the articles challenging. A blog to change the world of gaming if there ever was one. However, yesterday whilst perusing I came across this article and because I don’t play WoW I couldn’t really follow what was going on so I left this comment. A fair one I think you’ll agree. I couldn’t understand why they would post such a lengthy RP log if it weren’t in someway entertaining or pertaining to the authors. So rather than ask Richie to translate I wanted to hear it “straight from the horses mouths” as it were. But as you can see, the rebuttal I received was a brutal Ad hominem attack that was aimed squarely at 3 of the personal characteristics, which I value the most...
1) My use of the English language
“Hmm…if you could pass reading comprehension 101” and “I can’t expect you to understand Basic English”
What is reading comprehension 101? I think it’s the American for GCSE English Language. Maybe this is why the rebuttal is so harsh. Maybe dickhead means something naughty in American. I should have used fender, aluminium, faucet, sidewalk or Q-tip perhaps. Anyway, we all know why my English is so bad because I am fucking autistic, chronically dyslexic and dyspraxic. Besides, as everyone here knows, the 'a' button on my keyboard is still sticky from when I spilt coke on my keyboard (N.B. Bizarrely this coke disease has spread from Ctrl, A, S, D, & F to K, L,; and’ without infecting the middle buttons weird huh?) Should I be blogging under dyslexic blogs then? No, It’s not what defines me. You can understand what I’ve written anyway so don’t be so precocious!
2) My knowledge of WoW
I pride myself with my WoW skill and knowledge having never played it or even see anyone play it first hand. I like to think that I am the Unknown Soldier, Avatar 0 on Server error. But clearly, my lack of knowledge of RP etiquette, syntax and other euconversational devices is letting me down. I thought I could be a legend, that I was L337. Of course, who couldn’t understand this exchange? Well… me sir. How will I ever face the WoW forums again? I wish I had a very good computer with a decent connection then we could do WoW RP logs or even join the asses! We could /........ all night! I also wish I wasn’t adverse to PC gaming for the same reason.
3) That Guy’s
Now the other two I don’t really mind. However, this, this, Astarte is where you hurt us. Here at That Guy’s we aim to bring honest to god issues and news to our readers about the ever-changing face of gaming. Sure, we come pretty close to the line but we never cross it. I was going to write nasty things about your blog. Thinks like “The layout is rubbish” and “The text is too small without me going up to the toolbar and changing it” but then I found this post (the one from 29th December 2005) by Scotia on her old blog. Go, on read it. Isn’t it heart wrenching? Like when Asheron’s Call disappeared or like that time I evolved Pikachu into Raichu on Pokemon Yellow but he no longer had the smiley faces come up above his head or the distorted sound effects but I’d already saved it and I wasn’t going to start again. You can feel the anguish as hopes of changing the world are threatened with extinction. Such a disparate cry reminds me of this post. Except ours was a fake cry for attention.
So do you know what H.A? Do you know what? Carry on blogging with your superior English, WoW know-how, line-toeing standpoint and buddy buddy blogging because where would aspiring young women gamers go elsewhere for inspiration and support. So you can't understand That Guy's do I accuse you of being stupid? Do I pick one of the most stereotypically sad things that people can do and then boast about how I know more about it? Do I pretend to be a feminist when actually I seem to be pretty intolerant of the non-fallopian endowed? No. It was a simple question.
P.S Something about thanks for confirming that most bloggers are stuck up their own arses whilst trying to be journalists or other games related things that you can get with basic web design and a humanities degree? Is that too bitchy. Yeah. Too bitchy
P.P.S Thank god they didn’t notice that post on That Guy’s where I said they need to get laid more, or act like it at least.


  1. I'm going to reserve filling either blog with to's and fro's of this encounter but check out Satyrwylds comment on the same post. "Another homophobic semi-literate country heard from. Checked out your blog and dyslexia doesn't account for half of what I saw there. Your're immature, you're an attention seeker, and gentle Astarte has already given you more than you are worth"

    Thoughts? other than the obvious
    "I'm not actually dyslexic work it out"
    "Do people still play the homophobic card? Isn't it the assexuals now?"
    "Attention seeking? I write for the 6 people that read here. Personal friends and that auto comment thing that writes in poorer english than me. But if someone else was to comment here, I sure as hell wouldn't read three posts from their blog and then get all pre-op about it"
    "Don't read it if it upsets your fragile constitution"
    Also if anyone qualifies for "Whining men trying to hit on whining women by whining about non-whining men" its this girl/guy.


  2. Oh, Okay

    Someone's just lonely that's all

  3. Anonymous19:52


  4. Anonymous20:38

    I posted to Satrywaddywadthryneplop

    /Dr Wo shits down your throat

    I hope I haven't started a war, like the infamous snowball fight, friggin' blue boy blue!


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