Review - Super Dragon ball Z

Right well I promised a review of this bad boy A while ago, but it was postponed till Friday 14th July. I have now bought and played this title. This title was intensely anticipated as it is a Dragon ball Z game which was created in collaboration with the original Streetfighter II bloke. This game was originally released in Japan for the arcade machines and it was called Dragon Ball Chou. The Streetfighter II elements are quite evident in the game, the signature “Kamehameha” beam move is the same button input as Ryu’s Hado-ken, and they even gave Goku (the main protagonist of the series) a “Dragon Punch” with the same controls. And that’s is where the coolness ends. The moves don’t translate well to Dragon ball Z, pulling of a combo, feels to contrived, the other Dragon ball Z games seemed to have created a system which is more suited to the universe, with rapid, punches and kicks, rather than the SF II system of Light Punch/Kick, Medium Punch/Kick and Heavy Punch/Kick. Along with a flawed control system, the game lacks in 2 other areas. The first is that it’s in Japanese! Well all the voices are, but still! The past 4 Dragon ball games have been released with Funimation doing the Dub and to be honest you can only buy/see the English dub over here*. And Secondly there is like under 20 characters, not this might seem pretty standard for those of you who haven’t played a Dragon ball Z game, However, the Last Dragon ball Z game has 100+ characters, and there was still fanboys asking, “Where is character such-and-such”. 20 is not enough characters for a Dragon ball Z game.

Go buy Streetfighter Alpha Anthology and a Copy of Dragon ball Budokai Tenkaichi. That will cover all your streetfighter and Dragon ball Z needs.

SO in conclusion I give this game 4/10

Or on a Scale of 1 to “Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta”, I would give it "Puar"

*On a side note there was a second Canadian company which did an English Dub called “Ocean”, they pretty much ripped of all the voices Funimation created, but this other company made it “Kid-friendly” i.e no-one dies, Queers.


  1. I have actually cleaned up this review and submitted it to GameFAQs, does that make me a bad person?

  2. Anonymous14:07

    The worst. I assume it will also appear on Amazon?

  3. nah, I feel dirty already... I just subitted it because i didnt want any other poor saps to fall in to the same trap i did.

  4. Anonymous23:17

    At Gaystation you could trade it in against other purchases instore such as a crystal xbox or maybe a mega drive controller.

    Rich did you send your review to Gay Cocker for proof reading?


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