Yeah, but definitely Would though.

P.S This is sooo borind.

UPDATE: She looked much better in the old picture. A lot less Chyna.


  1. Anonymous20:12

    Waitagoddam minute! I love Alyssa Milano!

  2. Anonymous00:41

    She is pretty hot and you know she would use that cone thing, probably when typing her blogs, thats why she has that Mona Lisa esque smile in the photo, I mean what woman doesn't like to achieve orgasm, apart from ......

  3. OMFG We have been touched by UK gaming royalty!

    This bint is only Miss Bea Havin from Playstation Pro magazine. Way back in the mid 90's she used to do the cheats pages dressed in her underwear (not really skimpy underwear she was a bit "Bender from Futurama" between the hips and shoulders but very MILFy). She used to write really smutty answers to all the 10 year olds asking for Crash Bandicoot cheats.

    Well how have you been? Your Kevin must have graduated from University by now no? Well thanks for stopping by Miss Bea I'm glad you did something with your life you always looked so shameful in those pictures in PSX Pro.

  4. Miss Bea pictures soon? Where are those PSX Pros?

    P.S. Dr Wo I think you made her change her picture after the Mona Lisa comment. Good Work!

  5. Anonymous12:07

    And she comments on masturbation? Surely there is a huge amount of underlining hysterical irony to that.

    More irony than Ironman doing the ironing with a lump of iron on the planet iron not to far from krypton, whilst being attacked by Ironites from FFVIII

  6. Anonymous14:22

    hmmm, not sure it's her.

  7. No that's a different Miss Bea. It's a very popular name for people who like to thing they'd misbehave but until they do....


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