Last Post- The Burning Question

Ummmm I have to do a post because I'll be damned If I'm leaving the blog overnight with a fucking DBZ/Naruto post.
After this weekend's SUPER FUN I decided to ask myself the question "Do people play computer games for fun anymore?"

After 5 minutes on google I came to the following deeply pertinent, objective and empirical conclusions about why people play games other than to play games:

1) To wait around in an MMORPG, sometimes for days, to be called gay/ghey/gheye and then rush off to all the vegetarian forums to whinge about it.
2) To wait around in an MMORPG, sometimes for days, to be called dyke and then rush off to all the feminist forums to whinge about it.
3) To call other people gay/ghey/gheye/dyke
4) To write a games blog because their life is otherwise so vacuous that without the ability to copy and paste Wonderland links each post would read:
Mood: Depressed (lonely)
Listeing to: REM Everybody Hurts
5) To stand around the hub in MMORPG asking everyone really simple questions that can be answered by looking in the book or going to Gamefaqs.
6) To cyber each other for gold.
7) To dance!
8) To compile "research" for some survey on how many people playing MMORPGs consider their avatar to be a true virtual representation of themselves not just another fit Night Elf.
9) To win money in poker
10) To farm money for living
11) To act like an autistic care bear on E in second life *hugs*

That is it! No-one plays console games for fun anymore (and report it) except maybe me and my buddies and even then we play games that are on average 5 years old, on a console, if we can find the thirteen different types of multitap for the 5 types of playstations and playstation 2s and the corresponding cheap ass memory cards (you know the one with 250 spaces and the LED display) so we have all the levels. Why? I don't know but we do. I don't want to read about how you recently got griefed by someone, I honestly don't, I want to read about the sights you saw, the feats you accomplished, the atmosphere of the room as you beat your three best friends in a good old game of Worms.

I especially do not want to read about what a 13 year old Sheppey chav thinks of the PS3. Do you have the inside scoop or are you just making it up based on a forum on GameFaqs and a 2 month old copy of Games tm.



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