The Picture Review of Sonic Rush

Reviews are pretty boring and diverse huh? PLEDGE magazine has taken writing reviews about games to the same level of Wnakiness as NME have writing about music. Bloggers have filled the internet with reviews on games for kids, games that have never actually been released, Gayspot have decided to give up reviewing games with Madden in the title and just give them 10/10 after copying and pasting ONM's reviews of any game with mario in the title (Ctrl-H'ing Mario for Madden). Something Awful have even reduced the review to a single sentence.

Richie brought homo-erotic reviews to the internet and now I give you one picture reviews.

Sonic Rush Picture Review


  1. that's what all the fu*king mag's do no matter what console or what game they just pick and pick at the most stupidest thing's, they take pictures of the worst bit's and enlarge them by 10 so all you can see is square's and blocks and you buy it and relise that the game is amazing or you believe them never buy it and then regret not to beacuse it's amazing. well the only wrong judgement ps mag made was when they said penny racers was the best racer ever!

  2. Anonymous09:02

    You are a Penny Racer. You race pennies, Penny Boy.

  3. i am a racing driver.


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