Before UK:R do it.

Look new frag dolls:

And in a UK:R sylee:
Wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't,wouldn't, would but only in Yuna cosplay.
N.B. That's USA Frag Dolls which Is why they could all at least pass for dog's dinner.


  1. Anonymous20:16

    The middle one from what I can see has a very good hand positioning. Pity about her face.

    The one on the end, I call shotgun!


    /Rubs it in her face

  2. Anonymous00:00

    Also the ginger one in the fore ground looks to be about ready to recieve a facial, eyes closed, nervous smile, thinking is this a good idea, whats it going taste li... ITS UP MY NOSE! ITS UP MY NOSE! I CAN'T BREATHE!

    Thats how I remember it, the first time anyway.


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