Hey Wii is funny!

Funny things that can be done with the Wii's name:

- Wii-tard
- Wii-tarded
- Wii-d
- Pot-Pour-wii
- Care to come round for some Wii and Scones
- Vitamin-wii
- Bachelors deg-wii
- Courtn-wii Cox
- Grand P-wii
- Easy as A. B. Wii, 1. 2. Wii, Doe. Rae. Wii
- Amput-wii
- H. I. Wii
- Wii-nis
- Hepatitis-Wii
- Rup-wii
- Wii-nal Dialysis
- Wii wii
- Wii laddie
- Wii Willy Winkie
- Lavat-Wii
- Wii-ness extra cold
- I need a Wii
- Can I see your Wii
- Can I touch your Wii
- Can I drug you and then put my Wii on you?
- Hap-wii-ness
- Eev-wii
- Wii-ndows Xp
- Wii-nal colony
- Dry entry Wii-nal Justice
- Final Fantasy Thr-wii
- Wii-3PO
- I can smell your Wii from the other room
- Can I put my Wii in your X-box?
- Wii-sa Gonna die?
- Son-wii. Wii S Wii
- Rich-Wii and Cunz-Wii-11
- Guitar Wii-ro
- War-wii-oWare Inc.
- Super Smash Bros Mel-wii
- Resident Wii-vil


  1. Anonymous13:04

    Wii is gonna cause so many problems, for example Pokemon Wii, no I do not want Pokeman fluid and remember Mario 64, think of the title of the new one.
    Nintenblows may have well called it Nintendo wankbucketflangejuice or oralrapesediment but then it wouldn't sound cutesy.

  2. Anonymous00:58

    The Nintendo Pii? "We're so revolutionary we're like pythagoras multiplied by your own imagination."

    "But you still sound like urine."

    "SHUT UP!!!"


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