The (Ughh) Nice Post?

OK so maybe it's my time of the month or something but I was going to do a post using some of the photos of the fattest/weirdest looking geeks from Faces of WoW and do a Robin Cooper Alter Ego style thing having everyone as Female Night Elves or whatever and saying that WoW is for weirdos, goths, geeks, loners, teenage boys, who will Ghey cyber you for gold. I was then going to finish off the post by finding the fattest sessile woman and saying it was Richie. However, whilst looking for the freakiest photos I was compelled by the honesty of all of these people and (dare I say it) I was happy for them? I don't even f*cking blog under my real name and they put up their images for all to browse, judge etc. I think sites like this truly reflect the sentiments of this poem, better than any pro-pro gaming league or other attempt to get gaming into the mass mindset.
It was also interesting to see the images that people chose to upload; some were funny, others very honest and soul-bearing, others just whatever they had laying around.

My favourite is this one by far. It just makes me laugh and you know that this guy is clearly a dude. If only all these people had done something maniacish and then I could bestow upon them the highest honor I could to make them the months Maniacs.

THE LITTLE-BIT-NASTY BIT OF THIS POST I still refuse to believe that there are that many very very attractive girls playing WoW with model portfolio quality portraits . But I can't think why you would upload a picture of a hottie, unless you were trying to Ghey cyber someone by referring your victim to Faces of WoW as a kind of authenticity method.



    See these lies? I hate myself and I want to die now.

  2. Anonymous23:27

    Is that not Richie with the Glasses?

  3. Anonymous11:34

    Damn that dude is whack!


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