Cunzy: So we made it this far. Not bad girl? Our 69th post what an auspicous occasion! It's been tough, real tough but we made it. What was your favourite post?

Richie: My favorite and possibly most neglected ones is Geekonator2000, I feel that, that one should be continuously expanded on... But i fucking hate the Londonage posts what the hell was i thinking?

Cunzy: Yeah that was a good one! I think my favourite post was this one. Because of the high quality of the comments and nothing at all to do with that filthy picture. No sir! I'm still writing my post to Mr.Game by the way!

Richie: Lets not forget our commentors, we've had at least 5, Dr Wo, Chuff, Chunky Salsa, Quadbee. Do you remember the time that possibly a girl made comment on this post?

Cunzy: Yeah! She was all like "Cunzy is a dick and Richie is god". I never suspected that it was you at all and I still don't! LOLLERCAUST! Favourite comment?

Richie: It has to be this one for the "Have at you Snake" post:

Police: You guys have been crude, outlandish, disgusting. You have even gone so far as to post pictures of video game minors.

That guys: Dig Dug?

You geddit? Minors, Miners... Oh i'm a funny guy...

Cunzy: My favourite is still this one "i stopped trying to suck my cock when i was 13." You can't write that kind of stylised statement without going to writing school that's for sure! Do you remember when someone put that virus on our blog that puts in really dumb spelling mistakes that made it look like we can't even type?

Richie: Yeah Virus, probably left by those fucking Spammy fuckwits that left adverts on our blog, fuck them and their families. Right, we have talked about the good bits, and their has been a Lot of good bits, However what do you reckon was the worst bits?

Cunzy: Probably the Londonage posts because we forgot to mention the Anime convention, Chun Li girl with her panites on, Bretzels, that time we blinfolded each other so it wasn't like another man was doing it....

Richie: Well, I suppose... but you have to admit that this one is pretty shite so far? Ok, so it's our 69th post and we still havent been given a big sack of money and told to do this for our job... Why do you think that is?

Cunzy: Well we did turn down EDGE, Square Enix, Boing Boing, TIME, Heat and Seventeen Magazine! They just weren't taking us in the direction we wanted.

Richie: So we can only uphill from here, what do you think lies in the future for That guys?

Cunzy: Well look what we've already brought to the internet! This picture, This picture, Wnaking.. the list ends there really. But you won't find any other blog that looks at games from the point of view of two people with our names and bodies. Except maybe our old blogs. I expect we'll either get sued or arrested for our Misty picture.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    Keep up the god work and well done on a tough blog season, as long as you two keep writing intellectual and witty journalistic amendments for arsing around i'm sure ALL us commenters will comment in a mature and actively profound manner, reflecting the general stand point of all thats good or bad.

    So blowing in the Queens vag to sail around the world seems like a good idea, who's in?

  2. I say we all drink loads of lemonade then spin round and round until we laugh and it comes out of our noses!

  3. Anonymous14:22

    We need a spinning chair and a set of stairs, that was a funny game

  4. Or just a big box! We could all pretend to be Solid Snakes! We could all sit in the box saying "No I can't do it" whilst the person standing outside the box of solid snakes shouts "SHUDDUP!" "SHUDDUP IN THERE WILL YA!" "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?"


  5. Anonymous14:51

    I think that could be the new twister, imagine it naked!

  6. Anonymous01:07

    well i'm naked and imagining it right now but nothing's happening.


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